Competition Agility Training - learn to compete with your dog

Interested In Competing with Your Dog? Consider Competition Agility Training

You have just completed some beginner agility training, seen the immense benefits of agility training, and found yourself with a much happier pup.  You feel like your communication is improving and your bond with your pup is improving.  What comes next for agility training with your dog? You would now embark on some more advanced, …

Puppy Agility Training - train and communicate with your dog

Thinking of Enrolling your Dog in Puppy Agility Training?

Agility is a fun, fast-paced dog sport that includes a series of obstacles like tunnels, jumps, A-frames, and weave poles. Puppy benefit from agility programs because as household pets, it is hard to give them exercise that they instinctively need and desire. Our puppy agility training program provides this outlet for them and helps stimulate …

Be proactive About Dog Vision - Prevent Blindness in Dogs

How to be Proactive About Your Dog’s Vision

Dogs can go blind for a multitude of reasons, from disease to old age. The most common reasons for blindness in dogs are cataracts, diabetes, and high blood pressure.