Dog Boarding
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Dog Boarding Chicago –
A Safe and Comfortable Place to Stay

We know it’s tough to leave your dog behind when you leave town, however, you’ll find peace of mind in the activities and plans we make for your dog’s boarding stay.

All boarded dogs take a mid-day break for some rest and relaxation. Meals will be provided according to your dog’s predetermined schedule. Our skilled caregivers are able to administer special diets, medication and injections.

Deluxe Comfort Boarding: Space, Serenity, and Special Care

Deluxe Comfort Boarding is our answer for dogs who thrive in a more spacious and serene environment. Our expanded kennels, measuring a comfortable 4×6 feet, are designed to provide your dog with the privacy and quiet they need. Each kennel is enclosed on all sides, creating a tranquil, room-like space that’s ideal for rest and relaxation. This option is especially suited for dogs that may be kennel reactive, those with anxiety, or simply for any pet that enjoys a bit of extra pampering. We understand that some dogs appreciate a more peaceful atmosphere, and our Deluxe Comfort Boarding is designed with their needs in mind. It’s also an excellent choice for families boarding multiple dogs, allowing your pets to stay together in a luxurious setting. Our commitment to your dog’s well-being is reflected in every detail of this premium boarding experience.

Regular and Deluxe Dog Boarding Prices

Service LevelNumber of DogsPrice
REGULAR Boarding1 Dog Per Night$65
2 Dogs Per Night$104 [40% off the second dog]
DELUXE Boarding1 Dog Per Night$75
2 Dogs Per Night$124
- - -$20 for each way
- - -$40 round trip for transport

*Free bath with six nights of dog boarding. Client must schedule bath at time of reservation.

Dog Boarding Drop-off and Pick-up Hours:
Monday–Friday: 6:00 AM – 8:30 AM and 1:30 PM – 4:00 PM
*Drop-off and Pick-up not available on Saturday and Sunday.

Why K9U Chicago for your Dog Boarding

  • 24 X 7 Qualified, Trained, and Caring Staff
  • Available 365 Days a Year
  • Indoor and Outdoor Group Play Every Day
  • Flexible Regular and Deluxe Boarding Options
  • Climate-controlled space
  • Largest and Nicest Dog Outdoor Dog Play Area in Chicago with K9 Grass meant for dogs
  • Comfortable Large “Condo Kennels” with Soft, Sanitized Bedding, and Elevated Pet Cots
  • Security Cameras to Confirm the Security of our Pets
  • A Team Who Truly Cares and Gives Lots of Love
  • Dogs Are Grouped With Others of Similar Size, Temperament and Play Style

Additional Services & Fees - Daycare & Boarding

Additional ServicesCostDescription
Special Handling Fee for Individual Dogs$5.00This fee is for reactive dogs or dogs that need special attention and cannot be in groups
Nail Clip$15$20 Dremel
Thanksgiving: Wed - Fri on Thanksgiving, 2 nights | Christmas: December 24-26 ; | New Year: December 31 - January 2; | 4th of July: July 3-5;
$5 extra per boarding night on the following special Holidays:
Thanksgiving: Friday; | Christmas: December 26; | New Year: January 2; | 4th of July: July 5;
$5 extra per daycare on the following Holidays:
Boarding After 12pm Checkout Fee $41Daycare fee will be added to all boarding reservations checked out after 12pm on the departure date
Agility Training As a Drop-In Service$40Agility Drop-In service for our daycare and boarding dogs for high energy dogs.
Agility Training Additional Service$40Agility training service for our daycare and boarding dogs for high energy dogs.
Individual Activities/Play My Way$15Individual play, ball toss or treadmill, quiet time, group socialization
Group Social Rehab - as a Drop-in Service $40Reservations required in advance. Confirm availability and drop off between 10:30am-11:30am am and pick up by 2:00 pm)
Group Social Rehab - as an Added Service with daycare/ boarding$30Reservations required in advance
Last Minute Reservation (up to midnight)$5Reservations need to be booked 24 hours in advance. Our goal is to provide you with the most flexibility that you need for unusual situations. We will do our best to accommodate late reservations for additional $5 up to midnight the night before.
Attempted Pick-up or Drop-off Fee$15When driver tries to pick-up the dog and can't due to reasons that are not in K9U Chicago's control (e.g., door person does not have the key) or in case of cancellation when driver is already on the way to get the dog.
Early Drop Off Fee Before Business Hours (for Walk-in customers)$5We will accommodate your schedule from 6:30 AM on. Please contact us during office hours to book it.
Late Pick-up from K9U After Business Hours (For Walk-in Customers)$10Please contact us during office hours to book it. We will do our very best to accommodate your schedule up to 9:30 PM. If the dog is not picked-up by then, boarding charges will apply for the night.
Report CardfreeVideo or Picture of your dog with a description of how your pooch is doing.
Bath / Grooming$35 and upShampoo, Condition & Blow Dry
Medication Administration$2Administering your pet's medication during their stay when requested

Dog Boarding & Training (Dog Bootcamp) in Chicago

Staying for a week or longer? Then you might want to consider our boarding and training packages.

What Do We Need to Get Started with Boarding

K9U Chicago for Golden Doodles

Ready to Vacay?

Chicago dogs are well cared for and spoiled during their stay at K9U
K9U Chicago Chicago Dogs

Special Needs Care, Individual Play, and Training Reinforcement

Please talk with us about your pet’s needs and let us customize a program for them. Here are a few the things we topically specialize.

Individual Activities

Tailored Activities

From treadmill time for a little exercise, to ball fetching to sharpen coordination and attention, to group social coaching.
Know More

Dog Boot Camp

Dog Boot Camp

For dogs with special behavioral issues, or for busy people who can’t make it to regular training sessions, ‘Boarding and Training’ offers a personalized solution for intensive personalized training while boarding.
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Leash Reactivity Management

Leash Reactivity Management

In this specialized Leash Reactivity Management class, you will understand how to better communicate with your dog and gain new skills that will help navigate a busy environment with ease and confidence.

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Day Camp Academy

Day Camp Academy

Individualized day training through our Day Camp academy program for your dog to work on specific socialization or basic obedience skills while he or she enjoys daycare. We find that this is an effective way to implement training for continuous behavior improvement.
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Your Dog’s Safety and Well-Being is our Priority: Enjoy Peace of Mind While Away

While you are away, you can rest assured that your pouch is getting the best care, is occupied, and is having fun with friends all day. At night, she sleeps hard in his comfy kennels and is being attended to 24X7. Don’t be surprised if he or she is having more fun than you are.

Watch Boarding Videos

Watch Boarding Videos

K9U Chicago Waiver

K9U Chicago Waiver

Why Our Clients Love Us

K9U is great. They offer classes as well as day camp /sitting services. The size of the location is pretty impressive, as they have a large indoor and outdoor areas for dogs to play. (They even pick up and drop off your dog.). The staff and trainers are very friendly and extremely effective.James J.
K9 University is great. We’ve been going there for 7 and a half years. We’ve done training, we’ve done agility, we’ve done boarding and we’ve done daycare. The only thing we haven’t done is a drop off and pick up. My dog is kind of a nut and they deal with her well. Debbie W.
My dog has experienced everything at K9U: daycare, classes and boarding. When he is either picked up by the K9U van or dropped off his tail is wagging like crazy. When I pick him up he is happy to see me, goes outside to relieve himself and then pulls to go back in. Jane F.
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Free Training EvaluationFree Training Evaluation

Request Free Training Evaluation

Please complete the contact form below for one of our trainers to answer your questions and schedule your Free evaluation. We’ll show you which training program and approach is best to properly socialize your dog and build mental strength.

Request Free Training Evaluation

Please complete the contact form below for one of our trainers to answer your questions and schedule your Free evaluation. We’ll show you which training program and approach is best to properly socialize your dog and build mental strength.

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