Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Training Class
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What is the Canine Good Citizen Class?

This is a 5-week class geared toward getting you and your dog ready to take on the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test. There are no treats involved in the actual test. But don’t worry, we spend the 5 weeks preparing for the test date. If you and your pup pass, you’ll get a ribbon, certificate, and paperwork for you to send into AKC- essentially certifying your dog as a Canine Good Citizen!

The Canine Good Citizen Test?

Simply stated this is a series of 10 tests that determine whether a dog is under control in a
variety of every day real-life situations and environments.

  • Test 1: Accepting a Friendly Stranger. The dog will allow a friendly stranger to approach and
    speak to the handler (the dog owner) in a natural, everyday situation.
  • Test 2: Sit Politely for Petting. The dog will allow a friendly stranger to pet it while it is out
    with the handler.
  • Test 3: Appearance and Grooming. The dog will permit someone to check its ears and front
    feet, as a groomer or veterinarian would do.
  • Test 4: Out for a Walk (walking on a loose lead). Following the evaluator’s instructions, the
    dog will walk on a loose lead (with the handler/owner).
  • Test 5: Walking Through a Crowd. The dog will walk through a small crowd of pedestrians,
    passing in close proximity to at least three people.
  • Test 6: Sit and Down on Command and Stay in Place. The dog must demonstrate sit AND
    down on command, then the owner chooses the position for leaving the dog in the stay.
  • Test 7: Coming When Called. The dog will come when called by the handler (from 10 feet
    away on leash).
  • Test 8: Reaction to Another Dog. The dog will behave politely around other dogs. Two
    handlers and their dogs approach each other from a distance of about 20 feet, stop, shake
    hands and exchange pleasantries.
  • Test 9: Reaction to Distractions. The evaluator will select and present two distractions such
    as dropping a chair, etc.
  • Test 10: Supervised Separation. This test demonstrates that your dog can be left with a
    trusted person. The evaluator will hold your dog’s leash while you go out of sight for three

Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Training Class Schedule

Start Date#of WeeksDayTimeCostDescription
February 19, 20225Saturday2:15 pm - 3:15 pm$225Gain owner and dog confidence in a variety of situations. With Cheyenne
February 23, 20225Wednesday7:00 pm - 8:00 pm$225Gain owner and dog confidence in a variety of situations. With Cheyenne
May 14, 20225Saturday1:15 pm - 2:15 pm$225Gain owner and dog confidence in a variety of situations. With Cheyenne

Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Training Class Price

Canine Good Citizen Class @ K9U Chicago
One Dog & Handler5 weeks$225.00

Why is Canine Good Citizen Training a Good Thing?

The reasons Canine Good Citizen training is beneficial are as varied as each individual dog and owner.

Canine Good Citizen training can be a necessary requirement for dogs to live in certain apartment or condo buildings. It can be a stepping stone for a dog on its way to becoming a therapy dog. And it can be a shared activity to deepen the bond between owner and dog.

Canine Good Citizen Training Class provides both owner and dog with peace-of-mind knowing that: “Hey, we got this!”

Whatever the reason it is indeed a good thing!

Other Helpful Benefits Of CGC Training

In an area like Chicago and its suburbs there are so many different kinds of distractions and unforeseen situations that might cause stress for all kinds of dogs. Having a dog that has gone through the CGC training protocol provides a sense of confidence for both the owner and the dog.

Other real-life benefits include:

Better Socialized

  • This will make walking in your neighborhood, or an unfamiliar location, a pleasurable experience for both you, your dog and others in the vicinity.

More Freedom

  • After this training new situations and new people will be something your dog (and you) can handle with ease. From dog parks to street festivals to a party at your home full of noise and new people wanting to say hello to your dog.
  • You can add a new family member or move to a new residence without worrying about how it will affect your dog.

A Deeper Understanding

  • You will learn more about your dog’s desire and ability to meet goals. You might learn that this training is something your dog loves to do and could be the first step in mastering other training programs.

And it is just a fun way to spend time with your best friend!

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Meet Our Trainers

Pablo Maldonado

Pablo Maldonadoo- Dog Trainer

Dog Trainer

Pablo Maldonado

Pablo is an established trainer and business founder of multiple dog care companies with specialties in training, boarding and canine nutrition.

As a participant in several highly regarded training seminars, Pablo enjoys working with all dog breeds including high energy dogs where he uses soft sports, such as Agility Training, to provide these active dogs with a positive way to focus their energy and modify unwanted behaviors. Along with his customized approach to training based on each dog’s individual needs, Pablo creates a unique comprehensive training environment for every client.

Born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico, Pablo offers Private Training and all levels of Group Obedience Training in Spanish. He is also very active with Board and Train camps providing Spanish commands for dogs as needed for those clients who prefer to speak Spanish at home.

Chiara Rice

Chiara Rice

Dog Trainer and Customer Relations

Chiara Rice

Chiara is a graduate of the Animal behavior college as a certified dog trainer. She has worked with dogs for 8 years and has an absolute passion not only for caring for animals but also for teaching them the tools they
need to succeed to become the star pup they were bred to be.

Chiara is a firm believer in positive reinforcement training methods. All of her training classes, private lessons, and board and trains will be based on a training program of positive reinforcement. So grab your treats
and positive markers we got so training to do.

Jonathan Polich

Jonathan Polich - Dog Trainer

Dog Trainer

Jonathan Polich

Jon has been in the dog industry in Chicago for 13 years. He started off running his own dog walking company and made his way into dog training close to 10 years ago. Jon is CPDT-KA certified and has been training dogs in the Chicago land area for around 10 years in doggy daycares and also privately. Jon believes training dogs is not only about working with your dog and their needs, but also being able to properly communicate dog behavior so you the dog owner can better connect with trust and understand how to work with your dog throughout its life.

Jon is a believer in the humane hierarchy of dog training and working with positive reinforcement-based training. Jon works with most behavioral needs such as puppy training, basic obedience, loose leash walking training, impulse control, relaxation protocol, dog reactive/people reactive training, as well as socialization training in small and large dog groups

Yazmin Lopez

Yazmin Lopez

Dog Trainer

Yazmin Lopez

My name is Yazmin,

I was born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico.

Since I was a child I have always loved dogs and becoming a dog trainer now is like a dream come true.

My duty as a trainer is to not only build a strong bond between owners and their pets, but to educate them on the method of positive reinforcement training and behavior modification. This is my way of contributing a little to society by making dogs great furry family members.

In addition to my contribution to society, I volunteered for two years in Nuevo León, Mexico for an animal shelter. My experience also extends to agility training.

My husband and I founded a pet care and BARF food company back home in Mexico. We live, breath, and sleep dogs and dedicated our lives to making the world a better place by training these extraordinary animals.

Watch Our Doggie Videos

Watch Our Doggie Videos

K9U Chicago Waiver

K9U Chicago Waiver

Why Our Clients Love Us

K9U is great. They offer classes as well as day camp /sitting services. The size of the location is pretty impressive, as they have a large indoor and outdoor areas for dogs to play. (They even pick up and drop off your dog.). The staff and trainers are very friendly and extremely effective.James J.
K9 University is great. We’ve been going there for 7 and a half years. We’ve done training, we’ve done agility, we’ve done boarding and we’ve done daycare. The only thing we haven’t done is a drop off and pick up. My dog is kind of a nut and they deal with her well. Debbie W.
My dog has experienced everything at K9U: daycare, classes and boarding. When he is either picked up by the K9U van or dropped off his tail is wagging like crazy. When I pick him up he is happy to see me, goes outside to relieve himself and then pulls to go back in. Jane F.
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Request Free Training Evaluation

Please complete the contact form below for one of our trainers to answer your questions and schedule your Free evaluation. We’ll show you which training program and approach is best to properly socialize your dog and build mental strength.

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