15 Unconditional Love Signs: How to Recognize a Strong Bond with Your Dog

Signs Dog Loves You - Dog with loving expression looking at its owner

They say dogs love their owners unconditionally, but how do you know this is true? According to experts, several signs tell you your dog loves you. Leans and licks are just a few behaviors your dog uses to show affection.

Signs Dog Loves You

Read on to learn how you can tell that your dog truly loves you.

1. Your Dog Waits for You

Have you ever gone to the bathroom or went into another room of your home and closed the door only to find your dog waiting for you when you came out? Your dog is guarding you to make sure you are safe. Their pack mentality ensures they will always look out for their owner.

2.They Stare at You

You may notice your dog does a good job of maintaining eye contact with you. Their gaze is a way of saying “I love you.” Their loving stare also releases oxytocin, AKA the love hormone.

3. They Bring You Their Toys

A dog will bring you their toys because they want to play with you. They want to spend some quality time tossing around a ball or wrestling with a stick, or to have you chase them. They are also sharing their resources hoping you will join in the fun.

4. Your Dog Sleeps with You

When you share a bed or couch with your dog, you are establishing and strengthening your bond. You are both enjoying the comfort of being close. The activity promotes feelings of affection which aids with the release of oxytocin.

5. They Lick Your Face

Licking has long been established as a canine kiss, but what’s really behind this affectionate behavior? Dogs show affection to one another by grooming each other, which often includes licking their fur. When they lick a human’s face, they are showing they care.

Dogs will often lick humans when they are stressed or upset to try to make them feel better.

6. They Get Excited When You Come Home

How great is it to come home and find your pup excitedly waiting to welcome you? Your dog isn’t only excited because they know you are ready to feed them or take them for a walk. They are genuinely happy to see their good friend.

7. Your Dog Listens to You

Dogs may not understand every word you say, but they become attuned to your tone of voice and body language. That’s why they make such fantastic service animals. They lend a therapeutic ear that offers comfort in troubling times.

8. They Lean on You

A dog may lean on you for comfort or protection, or they may want to spend time with you. Either way, their leaning is a sign that they see you as an important part of their life. They are seeking the comfort and protection they know you can provide.

9. They Mirror Your Yawns

Yawning is contagious among humans, but how many animals will mirror your yawns? Well, dogs for one. When dogs mirror your yawns, it shows they are empathetic to your feelings. They understand you on a deeper level.

10. They Wag Their Tails When You’re Around

Dogs wag their tails to convey a range of emotions. If your dog wags its tail when he or she sees you, they are probably happy to be in your company. However, tail wagging can mean different things.

When a dog wags its tail to the right, it generally means it’s happy. When it wags its tail to the left, it may be anxious or annoyed. Pay attention to your dog’s tail wags to determine how he or she is feeling.

11. Your Dog Sniffs You Out

Have you ever seen your dog sniffing your socks or dirty clothes and wondered, “Why the heck are they doing that?” It’s because they are comforted by your scent.

In the wild, dogs will use their sense of smell to locate members of their pack. When they sniff you out, they are promoting bonding feelings that make them feel loved.

12. They Show Their Belly

Dogs will show their belly or sleep with their bellies exposed when they feel comfortable. They may also roll over on their backs to ask for a pet on their tummy- one of their most vulnerable body parts.  It shows they are putting a high level of trust in you.

13. They Smile

You may see what looks like a smile creep across your dog’s face and wonder, “Is that a smile?” Yes, it truly is.  Just like a human, a dog will smile to show they are content. It also expresses affection.

14. They Raise Their Eyebrows

Those puppy dog eyes are for real. A Proceeding by the National Academy of Sciences study shows years of domestication have taught dogs to use their eyebrow muscles to communicate with humans. So, when they make those sad puppy dog faces, they are trying to pull at your heartstrings.

Their non-domesticated counterparts- wolves- do not have this ability.

15. They Show Jealousy

Your dog may get mad when other pets or people are in the home. They may bark or jump around for attention, or they may even become aggressive toward other animals or people. This type of behavior is not condoned, but it is your dog’s way of telling you they love you.

Signs Dog Loves You - Dog-owner bonding

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