Interested In Competing with Your Dog? Consider Competition Agility Training

Competition Agility Training - learn to compete with your dog

You have just completed some beginner agility training, seen the immense benefits of agility training, and found yourself with a much happier pup.  You feel like your communication is improving and your bond with your pup is improving.  What comes next for agility training with your dog? You would now embark on some more advanced, competition agility training!

Your next step is to join the intermediate agility class! 

We take dogs ages above six months old for this program.  In order to participate in this intermediate group class, we require that you have taken and completed the puppy or beginner class with us.  Even if you have had previous agility training, we require that you retake the beginner class with us because our expert trainers teach foundational skills differently.  

We designed this program so that it lasts for five weeks.  However, your dog will remain at this level until your pup has successfully mastered every skill.  For example, one important skill that the intermediate agility class introduces is sequencing.  This is when we put all the obstacles together and focus on the handling and communication skills between the owner and the dog.  So once we have mastered sequencing among all other skills, your dog will be all set to officially move onto the competition agility group!  

The Agility Competition Class

This group is also called the advanced agility class.  We will once again walk through all the foundational skills so that the owner and dog are comfortable with all the skills. Your dog will learn advanced skills like how to “threadle”, which teaches our dogs to take the “non-obvious” side of a jump. There is a greater emphasis on independence in this advanced agility class. 

Once you get through all the handling and foundational skills, this group focuses on all components of the sport.  During this program, we spend a lot of time focusing on training you, the handler.

Our philosophy at K9U is that the dog never makes a mistake during agility training.

In fact, we believe that the handler either cued wrong or didn’t train well enough with the dog.  You, as the handler, are learning how to communicate with your dog via body language and trained behavior.  This mindset is what sets our program apart from others.  We focus heavily on communication and on establishing those foundational skills so that when we do work on communication, we are not hindered by gaps in skills.  


At the end of this program, our goal is to have you and your dog become a team. 

Our ultimate goal is for you to become a team that communicates well and has mastered all the foundational skills.  Any breed and any age above 18 months old can compete in agility competition programs.  If you have any interest in training your dog, or even have any interest in developing a stronger connection and communication with your dog, agility training is the answer for you!

If you would like to see a competition agility course, check out this Crufts agility competition – the world’s most famous international agility competition.

We offer a wide variety of different training classes at K9U. 

If you would like to further explore and enroll your puppy in agility competition training, learn more about the many classes available at K9U.  We have many experienced trainers who can consult with you on either beginning or continuing agility training with your dog.  We also offer obedience classes, if you would like to start there.   

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