Apartment Patio Ideas for Dogs

Patio Ideas for Dogs

Throughout the pandemic, many dogs in need have found their forever home, but creating a space where they can enjoy outside can be difficult if you live in an apartment. Apartment patios are a great space for pets to explore the outside world from the comfort of your home, and can even become a sanctuary for your furry friend. For us Chicagoans, we need all the help we can get to make our doggies comfortable and as warm or cool as possible in our 4-seasons.  Here are apartment patio ideas for dogs, straight from the experts.

Redfin was kind enough to publish a blog with us city-lovers in mind where they shade practical tips to make our dogs as comfortable, cared for, and happy as possible.  We’re honored that one of the tips was from K9 University Chicago.

Here are s a summary of their tips.  The full version of the blog was published on the Redfin website on January 19, 2022 and maybe accessed here.

Apartment Patio Ideas for Dogs

Create a potty section with artificial turf

Artificial turf or even live sod on your balcony makes potty breaks in an apartment super easy, but keeping it smelling fresh can be a challenge in such a small space.

Dog-proof the railings to keep them safe

Safety is the number one important factor to keep in mind when preparing a balcony space for your dog. You might want to buy a set of sandbags in order to securely place a chew-proof leash away from the edge or railing.

Add dog-safe greenery for your dog to enjoy

Turn your balcony into doggy heaven by adding some greenery that your pooch can munch on!

Create a safe outdoor patio/apartment patio for your dog

Create a comfortable space for your dog to catch some rays.  Make the space for them and they will spend hours on end relaxing, frolicking, and watching passers.  They may even bark at airplanes and sky kites to let you know they are protecting you.

Disguise Fido’s bowls as decorations

If you have a smaller space, your pup’s food and water bowls may be at risk of being knocked over. A plant pot with a heavy lid can easily be converted into a secure ‘cookie jar’ for your dog’s treats, and your pup’s water bowl can be placed inside an appropriately-sized planter or pot.

Furnish your balcony with the basics

Mock fencing can be used along your patio to ensure that your dog does not fall through the balcony bars.

Create an area in the sun and the shade

If your balcony has sun and shade, create a resting spot for your dog in both areas.

Dedicate a space on the balcony just for your dog

You can start with a cute artsy-looking dog tent (covering almost half the balcony) that can really spruce up your balcony and also double-up as a fun and safe house for your dog. Put a comfy bed that stretches a little over the outside of the tent. Place a few colorful favorite toys to keep them active. Dress up the water bowl in a corner to match the tent. Place some safe plants like peppermint, rosemary, camellias, or anything your fur buddy likes or matches the artsy theme.

Add dog-safe plants that you can use too

Try all-natural potty pads

No one wants unsightly plastic pee pads on their balcony for everyone to see. Try an all-natural dog potty pad made from real bark.

Use an umbrella to add shade to the space

It is very important you have shade on your balcony on hot summer days. You can set up an umbrella to give a partial shade so your doggy can cool off when needed. You don’t want your dog barking at people and dogs passing by, so consider covering the street view if you think it might be an issue. Set up some plants which are dog friendly and maybe a small swimming pool if you have enough space for it. [This Was our tip.]

Create a doggy garden

Spruce up your balcony with a fenced-in area featuring artificial grass or hydroponically-grown grass. Then, add everything your pup needs to feel at home.

Waterproof your balcony

Your loyal companion is entitled to an outdoor space of their own— somewhere that’s safe and accommodating for sun naps and fresh air.

Designate an area for your dog to cool down

Dogs love to have that spot on the balcony to soak up the sun and then a place to hide from the sun when they need to cool down. Making a spot for sun and shade is perfect and this can happen with an umbrella where your pup can find a shady spot.

Add synthetic grass

Give your dog a nice place to relax by using synthetic grass in your home’s outdoor living spaces.

Incorporate balcony furniture to keep your dog safe

A turf pee pad for preventing accidents would be the most appealing to the eye, blending well into a nice outdoor space. If the balcony has banisters, for safety it’s important that there is a blocking object to prevent them from trying to squeeze through.

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