Back to school dog training this fall – from K9 University – dog boarding and training in Chicago

Dog Agility Training

Fall is such a fantastic season – beautiful colors, a slight chill in the air (without the freezing temperatures of winter) and of course, it’s also back to school time. But what about your four-legged family member? Can they enjoy a little back to school excitement too?

Actually yes! Most people believe that spring and summer are the seasons ideal for dog training, but training during fall can be a lot of fun too while offering some benefits you may not have thought of.

Cooler weather prevents heat exhaustion

Summers in Chicago can get seriously hot, and if dog training activities involve a lot of running around and exercise, this can be hard on your dog. By opting for dog training in Chicago during fall, there’s less concern about heat exhaustion.

Consistent training is essential for continued obedience

You don’t simply stop ‘doing life’ because the seasons are changing, do you? The same applies to your dog. To be truly effective, dog training should continue throughout the colder months in order to consolidate what your dog learns.

Training ensures your dog gets exercise during colder months

With the shortened days of fall, and the colder weather encroaching, there are fewer opportunities for your dog to play outside and be taken for longer walks. A facility such as K9 University offers both indoor and outdoor dog boarding and training, to ensure that your dog is able to get all the exercise and activity he needs even during unpleasant weather.

Fall offers lots of exciting experiences for your dog

An important aspect of maintaining your dog’s obedience training is to take them out into the ‘real world’. From crunching leaves and scampering squirrels to people and other dogs attending outdoor Fall festivals, there are many exciting sights, sounds and smells for your dog to enjoy. At the same time, this gives you the opportunity to reinforce obedience in a real environment.

Dog boarding and training offered by K9 University in Chicago

Conveniently located at 2945 W Lake St, Chicago, IL, K9 University is a great choice for Chicago residents in search of exceptional training for their dogs. We have amazing facilities, including extensive indoor and outdoor play areas and offer various services including dog boarding, k9 boot camps, and doggie daycare.

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