The Benefits of Doggy Daycare in Chicago

K9U Chicago Doggy Daycare

Are you looking for a reliable doggy daycare in Chicago that will be able to provide you with the peace of mind that Fido is being properly taken care of and loved while you’re at work? If so, you need not look any further than K9 University.

What is Doggy Daycare?Daycare - dogs indoor play

Doggy daycare is a safe place at which to drop off your furry friend for the day (or however long you need him or her looked after). Here at K9 University, we offer dog daycare with pickup for added convenience.

What Happens at Doggy Daycare?

How does dog daycare work? Well, for starters, you will drop off your dog, or we will pick him up from your premises. You can choose from several doggy daycare packages. Depending on your preferences and budget, while your best friend is at daycare, he or she may also receive professional dog training and/or enjoy some pampering in the form of dog grooming. He or she can socialize with the other doggies, too. Here at K9 University, we offer dog daycare for socialization, dog daycare with training, as well as top-notch grooming services.

Do You Cater for All Sizes of Dogs?

We offer dog daycare for puppies, small dogs, and large dogs.

How Much is Doggy Daycare?

This will depend on the doggy daycare package that you choose. However, all packages are affordable and some of the cheapest you will find in the Chicago area.

For more information about our doggy daycare in Chicago, please do not hesitate to get in touch!