Care Choices and Tips for Traveling Dog Parents

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If you own a dog, traveling can be a challenge. You must constantly think of who will care for the dog and how it will behave when you are away. This can be especially difficult for business travelers and families that go on vacation often.  Fortunately, there are steps you can take to ensure your dog is happy and cared for while you’re on the road. This article will provide a few useful tips for traveling dog parents.

Prepare Your Dog for Your Travels

Parting ways with your dog before you travel can be a traumatic experience for both human and . Here are some tips that will make it easier on both of you.

  • Take your dog outside for a walk or have them engage in other physical activities before you leave. This will tire them out and relax them, so they don’t get overly anxious when the fateful moment arrives.
  • If you are leaving your dog with someone, have them come and visit a few times before they take over. That way your dog won’t feel like you are leaving them with a stranger.
  • If you are taking your dog to a boarding, have them visit the facility before your vacation. This will ensure that you are leaving them in a place where they feel comfortable.

Prepare the Dog Caretaker for your Travels

Your dog will feel less anxious if he or she sticks to their regular schedule. Therefore, it’s wise to leave a caretaker or the boarding facility with information on when they eat, sleep, go for walks, etc.

In general, you will want to leave your caretaker with a list that tells them the following:

  • How much your dog eats and when they eat
  • How often your dog goes for walks
  • How often they need their water freshened
  • How often they have treats and which they prefer
  • What their favorite games and toys are
  • Your vet’s information

What are the Best Care Options for Traveling Dog Parents

When deciding the best care for your dog, you must first consider whether you want to leave them at home or take them to a dog daycare center.

Leaving your dog at home has advantages because they will be somewhere that they feel comfortable. They won’t run the risk of damaging other people’s items. They won’t encounter other pets that they may not get along with.

You will also have someone at your home who can watch the house and check the mail. As a bonus, you won’t have to drop your pet off anywhere. You can just leave the keys and go.

On the other hand, if you don’t leave your dog with a trained specialist, that provides 24-hour care, they may get lonely. They may miss feedings and walks. The pet may also damage the home if they feel anxious, or depressed. It is for these reasons that you may be better off bringing them to a shelter.

Basically, your options are as follows:

  • Professional pet sitter: A professional dog sitter is a good option as you can leave your dog at home in a setting that they are familiar with. The sitter should be familiar with dog behavior and provide a professional level of care.
  • Family and friends: You may choose to leave your dog with family or friends. This is ideal if the dog knows the person they are being left with. It can also be less expensive than a sitter or daycare. However, the person may not know much about dogs which can lead to dangerous missteps.
  • A Doggie Daycare and Boarding Center: A doggie daycare center is another route to consider. A daycare will watch your dog around the clock ensuring they get the care they need. They will encourage them to interact with other dogs and provide them with the nutrition and exercise they require. Some facilities, like K9 University Chicago, have personalized activities customized for the needs of your dog or to help them hone specific skills or talents.

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K9U Chicago, a Great Worry-Free  Choice for Travelling Dog Parents: High Touch, Fun Doggie Friends, Focused Training, and Comfortable Safe Environment

If you opt to leave your dog at a daycare and boarding center, it’s advisable to find one you can trust. K9U Chicago is recommended for our boarding and training services. You can choose from our packages that range from 10 days to 4 weeks.

We provide indoor and outdoor settings, a comfortable environment and top-notch training. We provide indoor and outdoor settings, a comfortable environment and top-notch training. We customize individual activities for dogs that are not social. All new clients will receive one free day of daycare.

K9U will take the challenge out of your travel so you can have a worry-free time and come home to a more obedient dog that’s thrilled to see you. Contact us to find out more about what we have to offer.