K9U Chicago Community Update During Coronavirus

coronavirus community update

Our clients and friends,

We hope you are all well and remaining healthy.

Like everyone, we are keeping up to date on the ever-changing information surrounding COVID-19. As a small business in an underserved area of Chicago we are committed to remaining open so our staff will continue to have gainful employment while we implement additional measures to ensure the safety of our team, clients and all dogs in our care.

We have received an official exemption letter granting K9U Chicago permission to operate during the Shelter in Place order by the state.  K9U Chicago is considered an “essential business” and most of our services are available, including dog shuttle (dog -pick-up and drop-off),  during the coronavirus outbreak and stay-at-home order.  We have instituted some minor adjustments such as contactless checkin. Many dogs are still coming here each day – they deserve socialization and exercise, regular grooming, and positive training. According to the CDC, they cannot get the coronavirus.  We also provide boarding services for several area shelters that do not have the capacity to house homeless dogs waiting for adoption.

Many of our clients are nurses, doctors, police officers and first responders, Amazon Prime and Grubhub drivers and others who are providing essential services to Chicagoans during this difficult time.  Several of our clients are in the at-risk groups for COVID-19 and have let us know they are self-quarantining or self-isolating and can not care for their dogs themselves.

A reminder, as many of you already know there is currently no evidence that pets will become sick from COVID-19 and no evidence that pets can be a source of the virus. Source: AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association).

Effective immediately we are executing these new safety protocol measures:

  • We are sanitizing and disinfecting all surfaces several times a day in both our lobbies, retail area, restrooms and in our training center.
  • We are also requiring team members to frequently wash their hands properly and we are providing access to hand sanitizer for everyone working at K9U Chicago as well as our clients.
  • We will be modeling social distancing and safe greetings with each other and all clients. So if you don’t receive a hug or handshake as part of your daily routine with us, we know you will understand.

This pandemic is forcing all of us into a new normal. We can handle it together and we will get through this together with patience, understanding and a commitment to maintaining safety. Safety means sanitizing our workplace and safety means providing consistent employment to team members that work hard every day serving our wonderful clients and their amazing dogs.

Thank you for being a valued member of our community and thank you for trusting us with the care of your dog. We are closely monitoring the news regarding this situation and will stay connected to each of you with any new developments.

Stay safe and be well,

– Ruby, Marcos, Mariya and everyone at K9 University Chicago