Different types of dog turf

Different type of dog turf - K9Grass

As a dog boarding and training facility in Chicago, we need to cater for everything from dog parties to dog open play. As you can probably imagine, grass and turf maintenance can become an immense hassle.  An increasing number of people have asked us how we keep our facilities looking great, with expertly maintained lawns and green grass. The answer is: synthetic turf, we’ll call it dog turf! If you are considering investing in artificial turf for your home, know that there are a few different types.

Landscape turf

Landscape turf mimics real grass (some brands even have lighter strands to mimic the dead grass that you would find on a natural lawn). It has a thatch layer of lawn and they are generally the most expensive type of artificial grass.

Athletic field turf

You can usually spot sports turf from a distance as it is typically around 3 inches tall and it has a mixture of crumb rubber and silica sand in the grass. These can also be quite costly.

Playground turf

Playground turf is dense landscape turf that is placed over padding. This padding can help protect children if they are playing on jungle gyms, swings or other slides in your yard.

K9Grass® Dog Turf

K9Grass® by ForeverLawn® is the artificial grass designed specifically for dogs! Many dog kennels, boarding facilities, pet resorts, vet clinics, and backyards have started to install this great solution for dogs. Some of the key features of this grass include the following:Types of Dog Turf

  • Instantaneous drainage thanks to the exclusive flow-through that this grass offers
  • Safer, cleaner, better-smelling environment for pets due to the antimicrobial agent that is built into the blades
  • The strength and density of K9Grass provide a high quality, long-lasting surface that won’t turn to mud like natural grass areas.
  • The short, dense blade structure provides a completely cleanable surface, as no infill material is required.

K9 University in Chicago is one of the many leading-edge dog boarding and training facilities that have installed this solution. Besides dog training schools and dog boarding facilities, city parks are also installing this solution.

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