Does Your Dog Need a Holiday Too?

Dogs need a vacation

Vacations are good for the soul. They allow us to take a break from the ho-hum, relax and restore. They take us to interesting places that teach us about the world in general.  All humans need vacations, but what about dogs? Dogs can use a restorative getaway as well. This article will discuss why your dog needs a holiday and what destinations are best for providing them with a much-needed break.

Do Dogs Need a Vacation?

Dogs need vacations just as much as humans do. The reasons they may need a getaway include:

Stress Relief: Dogs can get stressed out seeing the same surroundings every day. This can lead to them acting out due to anxiety and depression. A vacation provides them with new scenery elevating their mood.

Bonding Moments for Pets and Owners: While away, pets and owners can enjoy bonding moments. They can play on sandy beaches, enjoy different dog parks, try out new training techniques, and more.

It Makes Them Feel Like Part of the Family: If you take your dog on vacation with you, they will feel like part of the family. This will eliminate the risk of them becoming bored and depressed due to being left at home.

Best Vacation Spots for Dogs

If you plan on bringing your dog with you on vacation, it’s important to plan a trip they will enjoy. The following considerations will ensure your pet has a great time:

Dog Friendly Hotels: It goes without saying that you will want to book accommodations at a hotel that is okay with dogs. Some even provide special dog amenities like pet walking, pet sitting, special doggie bags, pet room service menus and more.

Dog Friendly Activities: The location you vacation in should offer a variety of dog friendly activities. There should be plenty of outdoor areas like parks, dog parks and beaches nearby.

Some great vacation spots include:

  • Bend, Oregon: Bend offers great outdoor destinations and is said to have the highest per capita dog population in the world. Its 51 miles of trail include 13 off leash areas.
  • Sedona, Arizona: Sedona offers a variety of pet-friendly hiking trails and tours. You can also visit the Sedona Dog Park which provides terrific views and sperate areas for large, small, and senior dogs.
  • Bar Harbor, Maine: Bar Harbor is home to Mount Desert Island which offers 120 miles of dog-friendly hiking trails and several dog-friendly eateries.

What to Consider When Taking Your Dog on Vacation

Make sure you’re prepared for your dog accompanied vacation by crossing the following items off your checklist:

  • Consult your veterinarian to ensure your dog is protected from the potential health risks of the region.
  • Update your pet’s identification and microchip information so they include the address of your destination.
  • Prepare your dog carrier so it’s comfortable and well-ventilated.
  • Make sure you have all the required paperwork if you’re traveling by plane.
  • Pack for your dog by bringing a first aid kit, medications, food and water bowls, bedding, a leash and collar, dog waste bags, and whatever else your dog may need.

A Doggie Boarding Facility Can Be the Perfect Alternative to Taking Your Dog on Vacation

Taking your dog on vacation with you is a great way to make them feel like part of the family. But it’s not always doable. If you are unable to bring your pet with you, you can provide them with their own adventure by checking them into a doggie boarding facility such as K9U.

K9U offers several amenities for your dog. These include a caring, well-trained staff, large indoor and outdoor play areas, clean, spacious kennels, and advanced security. Our team will ensure your dog feels loved and cared for every second they are away from home.

While visiting our facility, we welcome you to inquire about our other services. We also offer doggie daycare, dog grooming, individualized activities and more.

A vacation will create bonding moments between you and your dog. But if you are unable to take them with you, doggie boarding is a great alternative. K9U offers a boarding facility your dog is sure to enjoy. Contact us to find out more about what we have to offer.