How Doggie Boarding Can Alleviate Your Pet Worries While on Vacation

How Dog Boarding Can Alleviate Your Pet Worries While on Vacation

There’s quite a lot to think about when planning a vacation. If you are a dog owner, you’re probably wondering what you are going to do with your pup when you’re gone. Even though many hotels have become dog-friendly, taking a pet on a plane is costly making it difficult to travel with them if you plan on flying… not to mention the stress your pet may experience.  So what’s your best option? It may just be a dog boarding facility. Let’s find out how dog boarding can help you enjoy a stress-free vacation.

What Does a Doggie Boarding Facility Have to Offer?

Different dog boarding facilities have different features, but standards include the following:

  • Regular Feedings: This may seem like a given, but if you compare it to a neighbor who pops in to dish out a handful of dog food when they are available, doggie boarding wins out.
  • Tons of Playtime: Your dog will be able to go out and run around in the fresh air. They will also be able to socialize with the other dogs in the facility.
  • Medication if Necessary: You can count on the staff to give your dog regular doses of any medication they may require.
  • Round the Clock Care: Someone will always be there to care for your dog, so they won’t feel frightened or alone.
  • Regular Reports: You can call the facility for a report on how your dog is doing. Some centers may even email you each day to let you know what’s going on.
  • Training with Boarding:  You can even enhance the boarding experience by signing your pup for a training with boarding personalized program to help them work on specific skills or strengthen existing skills.

How to Choose the Best Dog Boarding Facility

Most areas have several dog boarding facilities to choose from. So how do you know which one is best? Here are some things to look out for.

  • Affordability: Cost is always a factor when it comes to boarding your dog. However, it’s not only about getting the lowest prices. It’s getting the right amount of bang for your buck.
  • Accommodations: The accommodations should be comfortable and clean.
  • Special Handling Fees: Special handling fees refer to dogs with behavioral needs. If your dog requires special care, make sure the facility offers it.
  • Caring Staff: The staff should be caring and experienced in dealing with animals.
  • Good Reviews: Good customer reviews are always the sign of a good business.
  • Welcoming a Variety of Dogs: Ability to accommodate the special needs of your dog.
  • Transportation: Convenience of picking-up and dropping-off your pet to free you from the hassle of transporting your dog to the facility and dealing with separation anxiety at drop-off.

Once you find a facility you think your dog will like, it’s best to take your dog there for a visit before you board them. This will help you confirm if the facility is right for your dog. It will also familiarize your pup with the surroundings, so they don’t get nervous when you drop them off.

Why a Boarding Facility is Better Than Other Options

Many dog owners try to save on expenses by getting a friend or professional to dog sit. However, this runs the risk that there won’t be round the clock care. There’s also the possibility that the person will flake out on you or that the dog will have an unfavorable reaction.

A dog boarding facility is reliable. The staff is trained to deal with different types of dogs in a variety of situations. They will provide the 24/7 care your dog requires.

Why K9U is the Best Option for Dog Boarding Chicago

Why K9U is the Best Option for Dog Boarding Chicago

There are several dog boarding facilities located throughout the Chicago area, but K9 U stands out for our caring staff, our affordable rates, and our large play area. At 29,000 square feet, as well as a 15,00 K9 grass outdoor play area, we offer one of the largest, if not the largest play areas for dogs in Chicago. We even have security cameras to monitor your dog at all times.

Another thing that sets us apart is our high-touch environment. This allows us to create a warm, caring, personalized experience for every dog we care for.

Going on vacation can be stressful. Don’t let your dog boarding situation be another concern. Contact K9U Chicago to get your pup the care they require so you can enjoy your trip.