What to Look for in a Dog Boarding Kennel this Holiday Season

dog boarding kennel – dog boarding facility

Before you entrust your dog’s overnight care to a dog boarding kennel, it’s important to thoroughly vet the location and staff. A great dog boarder will offer a variety of services and the ability to support your dog’s particular needs. That gives you peace of mind when travelling.

Here are some questions to ask when searching for the right boarder for your dog:

Is the dog boarding kennel clean?

Great dog boarder will offer a variety of services. You should visit any boarding facility, or kennel, before you commit it sending your dog there for an overnight stay. Call and ask for a tour. Any professional facility will expect a tour and allow you to ask any questions you have. Look around and check for cleanliness. Does the space look clean and smell clean? Are there signs of dog accidents that haven’t been cleaned up? There should be no trash or choking hazards around for dogs to get into.

Is there access to water?

There should be free and constant access to water for dogs. Dogs might be excited or stressed and that may lead to excessive drooling and thirst. Also, if there’s open play time, dogs will need hydration due to the exercise. There should always be water bowls accessible.

Is the dog boarding facility secure?

Doors, low walls, garage doors and any other ways dogs might escape need to be secure. In addition to that, security cameras add a layer of safety. For instance, K9U has cameras installed throughout our facility to confirm the safety of our pets.

Also, visitors to the facility should not have access to dogs without a staff escort. This discourages accidents and makes sure only trained individuals interact with your dog.

Does the dog boarding kennel offer other services?

A full-service kennel will have add-on services to provide extra comfort and care for your dog. Here are some examples:

  • Dog Shuttle: This pick up and drop off service is ideal for busy individuals or families. A transportation service gives you flexibility when you don’t have time to get to the kennel.
  • Training: Since your dog is already at a facility with highly trained dog care, it’s a great idea to couple boarding with training. Whether you have a puppy in need of obedience training or a dog that needs specialized behavioral interventions, consider a doggy bootcamp.
  • Dog Social Rehab: For dogs that struggle to play and socialize with other dogs, dog social rehab is specialized care by qualified trainers. Your dog is grouped with dogs that complement their play style.
  • Agility Training: For dogs that need extra exercise and stimulation, agility training is one way to challenge them. Tunnels, hoops, hurdles, weave poles and more create an exciting environment for your pet.

Do dogs get to socialize together?

Dogs shouldn’t spend all their time away from you secluded in a cage. This is stressful for dogs; they are social creatures. Therefore, social time should be scheduled into your dog’s boarding stay. Ideally, most of their waking hours should be spent playing and socializing.

Are vaccinations required for dog boarding?

A big red flag is a kennel that doesn’t require vaccinations. With so many dogs in one place, viruses are easily transmitted from one dog to another, putting your dog at risk. To mitigate that risk, vaccinations are critical. All kennels should require the following vaccines: Distemper, Parvo, Bordetella, Rabies, and H3N2. The kennel will require that your dog’s veterinarian submit updated vaccination records via email or fax.

Is there overnight staff?

In many kennels, there is no staff available overnight. A professional dog boarding facility will employ 24-hour care. At K9U, there is always someone on staff to look after the dogs entrusted to our care.

Look for a Team You Can Trust

It all comes down to finding a dog boarding kennel and team you can trust. At K9U, we take your dog’s safety and comfort seriously. We’re available every day of the year with daily indoor and outdoor play, comfortable “condo” kennels and so much more. Book online or call our office at (773) 533-5959 to take a tour of our facility.