Dog boarding and obedience training while you work

Dog Boarding at K9 University

We all want more time to dedicate to our pets, but unfortunately it’s not always possible, which is why dog boarding and training is a great option.  There are times when we have to go away somewhere and cannot bring our dogs with us, such as business trips. At K9 University in Chicago, we understand that you want the best for your pet, which is why we offer boarding options for your convenience. 

What is dog boarding?

Dog boarding is a home away from home for your dog. Our boarding features an indoor and outdoor facility, 24-hour staff, a strict feeding schedule and clean bedding. Your dog will get plenty of exercise and stimulation. It’s basically like a 5-star resort for dogs. Since it’s important that your dog is trained in basic obedience and socialization, why not use the time he spends at boarding to get him trained?

We call it a “puppy camp”, where you dog spends a period of time with us learning all the skills he needs. Our packages start from one week camps all the way up to four weeks. When your pooch completes the camp, he will be well-trained, socialized and obedient. While your dog is with us, you will be updated by phone or text on his progress. At the end of the camp, he will receive a bath before heading home.

Your dog will come back happy, clean and master of all the essential dog skills. We will work closely with your dog to ensure we cover all the necessary training he needs. We also have flexible payment options, making it a viable option for working dog “parents” who want the benefits of dog training but simply do not have the time.

Find out more about dog boarding and obedience training in Chicago

Dog boarding and obedience trainingWe have training options for every stage of your dog’s life. Not only do we offer boarding and training, but we also do training sessions that involve you as well, giving you expert advice on how to handle all aspects of dog ownership. Our puppy classes start as early as 10 weeks old and we also offer specialized agility classes and nose work. Contact us to find out more information today.