How to Prevent Your Dog from Having Bad Hair Days – (Dog Coat Care)

Dog Coat Care

Keeping your dog’s skin and fur shiny and sleek is important for their overall health. Use these tips and best practices for proper dog coat care to keep their fur healthy and looking fluffy and fabulous.

Dog Coat Care – Brushing Basics

Brushing and regular grooming is essential for keeping your dog’s clean, healthy, and irritant-free. Regular use of a brush or comb will help keep your dog’s fur in good condition because in doing so you are removing dirt and other particles (or insects) that get trapped in your fluffy friend’s fur. Brushing also helps spread natural oils throughout the coat, preventing tangling or matting.
When brushing your pooch, be sure to brush the hair in the opposite direction of hair growth first, and then follow by brushing in the exact direction of hair growth.

How often you brush your dog – as well as the brushing tool – will depend on what type of coat your dog has.

Smooth and Short Coat

For short smooth haired dogs, it is recommended that you brush them once a week.

Step 1: Use a rubber brush first to loosen potential dead skin, and dirt.
Step 2: Use a bristle brush to remove dead hair
Step 3: Douse your dog with praise and treats

Short and Dense Coat

If your pup has short, dense fur that’s prone to matting, we recommend that you brush them once a week.

Step 1: Use a slicker brush to remove tangles
Step 2: Use a bristle brush to remove dead hair
Step 3: Shower your pup with love and praise
(Don’t forget to brush their tail)

Long Luxurious Locks

For long haired dogs, it is recommended that you brush them on a daily basis.
Step 1: Remove tangles with a slicker brush
Step 2: Gently tease mats out using the slicker brush
Step 3: Use a bristle brush to remove dead hair
Step 4: Trim hair around feet if necessary or if matting is too dense. Take care to trim far away from your dog’s skin.
Step 5: Shower your cute pup with love, praise and dog treats

Be sure to choose an appropriate location when brushing your dog, as hair can shed and involves clean-up.
Note that different breeds of dogs have different needs when it comes to taking care of your dog’s coat. Many dogs that don’t shed frequently require less upkeep but should still be brushed once a week to prevent flees and matting. Dogs with wrinkles tend to need more attention for keeping clean. Dogs with long droopy ears should be checked weekly to remove wax and dirt. It’s best to speak with a professional groomer about the best practices and brushes that should be used for your dog. We offer expert grooming services at K9U. Please contact us for more information.

Keeping Your Pet’s Interest During Coat Care Sessions

While brushing can sometimes feel like a chore, it’s always better for both of you if you are able to make grooming fun and enjoyable.
Be sure to give your pet the proper praise and rewards it deserves after each grooming session. We recommend keeping the sessions short when first starting off- about 5 to 10 minutes tops. Slowly lengthen the time frame as your dog becomes more comfortable and gets used to the routine. Try to fit in a play session afterwards to reward your pooch for it’s good behavior.

Bathing Basics

Dog Cat Care - Bathing
It is recommended that you try to give your dog a bath at least once every three months. Some dogs may require more or less bathing than others depending on their breed, how frequently and where they are outside, or if your dog has skin problems.
When first introducing your dog to taking a bath, we recommend taking things slow. Bring your dog into the bathroom for a few days beforehand. Have them sit in the tub once or twice without water. Bring their favorite toys so they feel comfortable.

Doggie Bath

When giving your dog a bath, always use mild shampoo that is made to be used on dogs. Be sure to ask your vet to make sure that you’re selecting the best shampoo for your dog.  When filling your tub up, make sure to use 3-4 inches of lukewarm water. Place a rubber mat on the floor of the bathtub to prevent your fluffy friend from slipping.

Here’s a few steps to help get you started.

Step 1: Give your dog a good brushing to remove all dead hair, tangles, and mats.
Step 2: Use a spray hose, large plastic container, or unbreakable cup to wet your pet. Take great care not to spray or pour water into your dog’s ears, eyes or nose.
Step 3: Gently message shampoo into your canine’s coat working your way from head to tail.
Step 4: Rinse thoroughly with water and repeat as needed- again, taking great care to avoid eyes, ears and nose.
Step 5: Dry your pet with a large towel or blow dryer. If using a blow dryer, take care to monitor the level of heat.
Step 6: Reward your dog for it’s good behavior

Grooming is an essential part of a dog’s health and should be done on a regular basis. A well-groomed dog is not only a healthy dog, but a happy one too. Keeping up with grooming will maintain your dog’s hygiene and will prolog the lifespan of your best friend.

At K9U, we offer excellent dog grooming services that make it easy and affordable.  Schedule an appointment with us today!