Dog-Friendly Summer Events in Chicago

Dog-Friendly Summer Events in Chicago

Summer is here and for dog owners, that means plenty of pet-human outings. In a bustling city like Chicago, there are tons of dog-friendly events taking place. It’s just a matter of finding them.

Well, no need to spend hours combing the internet for activities you and your dog might enjoy. We’ll save you the trouble by combining all that info in one easy to scan article. So, without further ado, here are some pet-friendly events that will be fun for the whole ‘fanimaly’.

Farmer’s Markets  – Some are Dog Friendly


Farmers markets are great places to shop for local produce. There are several in Chicago that welcome dogs including the following:

  • The Glenwood Sunday Market, 9 AM to 2 PM, June 5 – Oct. 23: The Glenwood Sunday Market is a great destination for local food, and they go out of their way to make dogs feel welcome.
  • Logan Square Farmer’s Market, Sundays 9 AM to 3 PM, May 8 – Oct 30: In addition to finding great produce, this market offers plenty of space for owners to sit while their dogs play. They also have a dog treat booth.
  • Portage Pot Farmer’s Market: First, third and fifth Sunday of the month, 10 AM to 2 PM, June 5 – Oct. 2: This Farmer’s Market offers fresh food, live music and even a balloon animal maker. Dogs will love the dog park at the corner of the lot as well as the dog treat vendors.

Dog Friendly Summer Events in Chicago

These dog-friendly events and activities will make your summer memorable.

Mercury’s Canine Cruise: The Mercury Canine Cruise allows you to sail along Chicago’s waterways with your favorite furry friend.  Dogs can stay by your side, in your lap or on the deck. The staff provides water bowls and newspaper restrooms.

Epic Flow Yoga: This unique take on yoga uses a paddleboard as your yoga mat. Your dog can ride by your side as you SUP with your PUP. Non-aggressive dogs only. [Link to this page on anchor text “non-aggressive dogs:

Windy City Ghosts: If you are fascinated by Chicago’s ghost culture, you will enjoy this one-mile tour that welcomes dogs. Dogs must be leashed during the tour.

Chicago Dog Friendly Parks

Chicago has many dog-friendly parks that make for great summer outings. The following spots are recommended:

Puptown at Margate Park: This off-leash fenced in area provides countless opportunities for your dog to socialize with furry friends.

Fred Anderson Dog Park: Located in the South Loop, this dog park was named for jazz musician and owner of the Velvet Lounge, Fred Anderson. It is architecturally structured and features separate areas for small and large dogs. It also has spouting water fountains and a performance area.

Navy Pier: This waterfront pier allows dogs in common areas. You can also find dog-friendly tours and restaurants as you stroll along.

Chicago Dog-Friendly Breweries

After your adventures, you may want to unwind with a cold one. Chicago offers many great breweries including quite a few that welcome dogs, such as:

Midwest Coast Brewing Company: This brewery has indoor and outdoor areas that welcome leashed dogs. They also host events and pop-up food trucks on the weekend.

Begyle Brewing: Begyle Brewing allows dogs in their outdoor seating area. They serve a variety of intriguing brews.

Tips for Taking Your Dog Out in Summer

Tips for Taking Your Dog Out in Summer

Dogs are great companions for a summer adventure, but remember, they can overheat just like humans. Here are a few guidelines for ensuring they stay cool.

  • Have Water Available: Make sure your dog stays hydrated by bringing along a squirt bottle or collapsible water bowl. Your dog should have a drink every 15-20 minutes during physical activity.
  • Allow for Rest Breaks: Allow your dog to cool off in a shady spot after being active.
  • Consider the Age and Temperament of Your Dog: You should know your dog well enough to determine how long he or she can be out and what kind of activities they will be up for. Plan accordingly.

You Can Always Bring Your Dog to K9U for Fun and to Make New Friends

You can also give your dog a treat this summer by bringing him or her to K9U. We offer outdoor and air-conditioned indoor play areas and opportunities for training and socialization. And if you are planning a trip, contact us to find out about our boarding services.

Between the options K9U has to offer and all the dog-friendly summer events in Chicago, this may be your dog’s best summer yet.