Dog only restaurants

Dog Treats

The health of our precious pets is directly related to their diet. The food your dog eats determines his or her energy levels, happiness and future health. A healthy diet can have a big impact reducing vet bills. Premium kibble brands focus on providing dogs with the sufficient nutrition that they require in a single pellet. However, with the high cost of dog food and increasing prevalence of dog food allergies, more and more people are moving towards a raw food diet for their pets.

A raw food diet can be a lot more time consuming to maintain. Gathering a balanced variety of ingredients and food preparation requires a lot more effort than serving up kibble for your pooch. This has prompted the rise of dog only restaurants. These health conscious doggy eateries prepare balanced chef cooked meals daily and package them to go, making it very easy for dog owners to move towards a healthy raw food diet. There are daily menu options with delivery options for refrigerated home cooked meals.

These revolutionary restaurants are currently growing exponentially in states like California. Companies like Just Food for Dogs have developed meal plans that improve the quality of life of a variety of dogs. Besides their balanced meal plans, there are specialized vet-support diets that focus on ingredients that relieve conditions such as obesity, joint and skin problems, renal sensitivity, and metabolic issues. In Chicago we have places like Paulina Meat Market that offer raw frozen dog food option.

K9 University Chicago focuses on dog boarding and day care as well as dog obedience training, dog grooming and dog open play. We also understand that our owners need support and advice when taking care of their pets. Our team is curious to hear your thoughts on the raw food diet and whether or not you would shop at a dog only restaurant. Contact us for more information.