Dog tips: The importance of Dog Socialization

dog socialization

When it comes to building a special, lifelong relationship with your furry friend, the importance of socialization cannot be emphasized enough – and this goes for socialization with other people and with other dogs. Luckily, K9 University offers professional dog socialization classes in Chicago so that you can ensure that your dog is as happy and as healthy as he can possibly be.

Below, we look at the four main reasons why proper dog socialization should always be a top priority:

1. Fear

If a dog has not been properly socialized, he or she will likely be afraid of unfamiliar humans and dogs, as well as unfamiliar situations. This can lead to aggressive responses and health problems, especially because fear causes an increase in heart rate and blood pressure.

2. Problems getting new pets

Because your dog does not feel comfortable being surrounded by anything that is remotely unfamiliar to him, he is not likely to respond well to any new pets who are introduced into the household. This can be incredibly frustrating and lead to a lot of stress for both you and your best friend.

3. Embarrassing situations

Dogs who are not socialized are likely to act out in public, usually because they are feeling fearful and defensive. This can lead to embarrassing situations like incessant barking while on walks, snapping at friends and family, and unfortunate ‘accidents’.

4. Dangerous situations

If you have a new baby or a friend or family member brings a child over to visit, a dog that has not been properly socialized may respond in an unpleasant manner – and may even be a danger to the child if the situation is not handled with care. As a result of this, it is always recommended that dogs are introduced to children from while they are still puppies.

So, do yourself and your best friend a favor and act to ensure that he receives the best possible socialization training in Chicago. Get in touch with K9 University today for more information about our local puppy training and basic obedience training classes.