What your dog’s sleeping position tells you – from K9 University – dog boarding and training in Chicago

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Dogs sleep in all sorts of positions: from stretched out, head on paws to ‘passed out’ with legs in the air. It may seem random, but you can tell a lot about a dog from the way it sleeps. As a professional dog boarding and training service in Chicago, we at K9 University know what you can glean about a dog from the pose that he adopts to rest or to chase rabbits in his dreams.

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Happy, relaxed dogs often sleep stretched out on their sides

Sprawled out on their sides, head slightly thrown back and legs extended…it’s an image one tends to associate with bigger dogs such as Labradors, Huskies, and German Shepherds. However, in all dogs it means the same thing: your dog is possibly very tired from being active (and/or a big meal), but he is happy and relaxed. Sleeping like that leaves your dog vulnerable, but he isn’t worried. He might not even be sleeping heavily at all. In fact, if your best friend is lounging in the hallway or on the end of your bed in this position, he’ll likely lift his head at the smallest sound.

Curled up dogs are happy, gentle, and cozy dogs

Curled up, tail tucked under his chin…this, in turn, is an image usually associated with smaller breeds, but it is also associated with gentle dogs with sunny natures. It also shows that they are conserving body heat and ready to sleep soundly in a safe, secure environment.

A dog sleeping with tummy exposed and legs in the air is hot…and secure

Your dog is safe and secure: he is as a loved and treasured canine who knows how to make the most of the couch – or any suitable spot. While oblivious to the photo opportunity he presents, your dog would not mind a tummy rub from his human while he cools down.

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