Dog Training Basics Chicago Pet Owners Should Teach Their Dog

dog training basics Chicago

Dog training is an essential part of dog ownership. Trained dogs are more confident and better behaved. Training stimulates dogs and improves their mental state.

There are several training commands your dog must learn. This article will review dog training basics Chicago owners should teach their furry friends.

Why is Dog Training Essential?

It Improves Mental Health: Many dogs have anxiety or timid personalities. Training increases confidence. If you reward dogs for reaching their training goals, they will feel a sense of accomplishment that boosts their self-esteem.

It’s a Bonding Activity: Owners work closely with their dogs on training activities. It forms a bond between the dog and the owner. It makes both parties feel happy and connected.

It Promotes Good Behavior: Dogs don’t have a sense of what’s right or wrong. What we consider a dog’s bad behavior is normal to them. Training establishes a sense of right and wrong so dogs behave well- according to human standards!

It’s Beneficial to Physical Health: Training allows dogs to move around and exercise. Dogs that exercise have better physical health. It lowers their blood pressure, builds muscle, improves bone health, and reduces the risk of disease.

What are Some Dog Training Basics Chicago Pet Owners Should Teach Their Dog?

Sit: Sit is one of the easiest commands for a dog to learn. Once they learn how to sit, they will learn other commands more easily.

Down or Lay Down: Sit will help your dog stay in place. But it’s easy for them to transition into a running position. Lay down increases the chances that they won’t run off. It will also help them learn other commands like ‘roll over’.

Stay: The stay command will prevent your dog from running off into the street. It is beneficial for tired or hungry dogs because it helps them focus. The command can take a few weeks for dogs to master. But it will be worth it because it keeps them out of danger.

Come: Dogs must know to come to their owner when they are called. It will keep them out of danger in off-leash areas. Dogs that know the stay command will learn the come command more easily.

Off: This command keeps dogs off furniture and people. Beyond saying ‘off’, pet owners should also grab their pet’s paws or shake noisy objects at them. Doing so will further discourage jumping.

Heel: Heel is useful for large, strong dogs that pull on their leashes. It also comes in handy in urban areas like Chicago where there’s not much room to walk. It will make your dog-walks more pleasant.

No: No is a good general command for everything a dog shouldn’t be doing. It’s easy and to the point. It serves various purposes.

How Can Chicago Dog Owners Access Quality Training?

Dog owners should look for trainers with the following characteristics:

  • Positive Reinforcement: Trainers should use positive reinforcement so dogs feel a sense of accomplishment. This technique has also been proven to improve animal learning and strengthen the bonding experience.
  • Targeting Specific Problems: If your dog is dealing with specific problems, it’s essential to find a trainer who has experience solving these issues.
  • Where Training Takes Place: Training can be provided at a school, in your home, or in outdoor spaces. Choose a trainer that offers training in an atmosphere that’s comfortable for you and your pet.
  • Certifications and Education: Find out about the trainer’s education. They may have a certification with an organization like the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers to back their knowledge.
  • Personality: The trainer should be encouraging, respectful, and patient. They should have a personality that makes you and your dog feel comfortable.

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