A Guide to Boarding Your Puppy in Chicago

Boarding Your Puppy in Chicago

Exploring the option of boarding your puppy? Puppy boarding is generally used for people who are planning to be away from home for one or more days. Dogs in a boarding facility spend their time in a kennel and, depending on the business, in play groups throughout the day with other dogs. For new dog owners, this is another new experience.

Here’s what you need to know about boarding your puppy in Chicago:

At What Age Can Puppies Go to Kennels?

Generally speaking, dogs should be able to go to a kennel when they are around 4-months-old or after they receive their full vaccinations. All responsible boarding facilities should require the following vaccinations for your dog to attend: Parvo, Rabies, Bordetella, H3N2, Distemper and Lepto. If your dog is not yet old enough to receive these shots, they are not old enough to be boarded.

The Benefits of Boarding Your Puppy

Boarding your puppy has added benefits than just safety when you’re away. Here’s what you can expect when boarding your pup:

Socialization with People and Dogs

Boarded dogs will get lots of socialization! At some facilities, like K9U Chicago, you’ll see that dogs don’t spend all their time in their kennel or a dog run. Instead, they are organized into play groups that resemble a daycare. Dogs run, jump and play with their new playmates under supervision by trained staff. In addition, most boarding facilities offer dog individual services at an added price. Outdoor walks on leash, delicious special snacks, training and grooming are available for purchase.

Play Time & Exercise

The key to an easy transition for your dog from being home to boarding care is exercise. A tired dog is less-likely to become stressed. When dogs are boarded and play with other dogs, they are expending lots of energy that will ensure rest at the end of the day.


Boarding facilities are often climate controlled. No matter what the weather is outside, you know your dog is safe from the elements. For a puppy, this is crucial. Their tiny bodies are not yet adapted to withstand too much cold or heat. If you are shopping around for a place to board your puppy, be sure to ask about how they control the climate in their facility.


In addition to boarding your dog, some businesses offer added dog training options. For puppies, this is a great way to get the most out of your dog’s time in a boarding facility. Trainers will work with your puppy on basic obedience. As they get older, you may try more advanced training programs like agility training.

Tips for Boarding Your Dog

  • Research the Facility: To find the right facility for your dog, do your research. Look at Google Reviews, ask for references, and tour the building and areas where your dog will be staying. During this research period, ask all the questions you have, especially if your dog has special care needs.
  • Make Sure Your Dog is Vaccinated: As stated before, your puppy must be fully vaccinated before visiting a boarding facility. This isn’t just to protect your pet from disease, but it reduces the spread of disease to other dogs.
  • Talk to the Boarding Facility About Your Dog: Talk to employees about your dog’s food, medications, quirks (such as only eating from a plastic bowl), and special treats or items you’d like to bring with you.
  • Bring Something from Home (If Allowed): To ease your puppy into their temporary home while you’re away, ask if you can bring something from your home, like a blanket or stuffed toy. This could provide your pup with something familiar as they acclimate to sleeping in a new place.
  • Plan for an Emergency – As the AKC suggests, make sure you have a plan to get your dog the help they need in an emergency. Does the facility have extra medication in case they run out? Did you provide the name of your vet? Do you have someone else that can pick up your dog if you can’t? These are all things to consider before boarding your puppy.

K9U Puppy Boarding Chicago

At K9 University, we offer peace of mind to our customers. When you bring your dog in for boarding, you can leave home knowing your puppy is maintaining a great routine, socializing, and (most importantly) having fun. Our facility is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you would like to add on grooming and individual play activities to your dog’s stay, we’ve got a menu of services for you to choose from. Read more about our dog boarding services.