Happiness is to own a Pet – Dog Boarding And Other Fun Activities To Treat Your Pup

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American people who own pets strongly believe that their pets have a positive impact on their lives. This includes the generation of strong feelings of love and friendship for their furry friends. Research has shown that 90% of dog owners feel happier and more content day-after-day, simply because they own a pet. In addition, dog and cat owners have stated that there is nothing more rewarding than buying toys to share with their pets

It is a symbiotic relationship: one that works well for the animal too: he gets love and attention lavished on him! Nine times out of ten, she gets to sleep on your bed – how comfortable is that? Also, all dogs benefit from being sent to dog boarding, dog daycare, and dog grooming appointments. It’s a chance for them to relax and have fun in a controlled environment. So, treat your dog well by sending him to dog boarding, dog daycare and dog grooming at K9 University.

The Joy of a Pet

Isn’t it amazing how having a dog makes you feel as if you are never alone? Dogs are great listeners – they never talk back. Their ears go up and down depending on the tone of your voice. Their faces are amazingly expressive and you just know that your precious pooch absolutely adores you.

Besides loving your pet and “chatting” to him, make sure he regularly gets the training and grooming he requires. It makes him feel good and extra-responsive towards you as he is receiving loving attention.

The joy of having a pet also translates into regular exercise for the owner. Research has shown that owners walk for around 300 minutes a week when walking their pets.

Pet Ownership is Growing

Demographic trends show that Millennials love having pets. Adults in the 18 to 34 age group are most likely to own a pet. And just under 50 % of those without pets say they will be getting one in the near future. If this describes you, do yourself a favor: research the different breeds that appeal to you and see which one is most compatible with your lifestyle. This is important as there is no way you can adopt a Great Dane, for example, when you live in a flat, unless you are planning to run and exercise with him every day! A cute little Dachshund will be more appropriate.

As the aging baby boomers get older and start hitting their seventies, the percentage of them owning pets has increased from 34% to about 40%, showing that this trend is likely to continue growing.

Research has found that people who have a great connection with their pet also have lots of friends and a good social life. Young adults with strong bonds with their animals have more interaction in their social environment than those who do not have animals. They are also more confident and are able to identify with other people’s feelings more easily.

Do Pet Owners Suffer From Stress?

Trends show that those who have a pet are less likely to suffer from stress than those who do not own a pet. Research also shows that the attention and love a pet can give you are useful to alleviate depression. Having an animal on whom to lavish love and attention can help keep feelings of loneliness and sadness at bay. Living in a big city like Chicago can get lonely, but if you have your pet by your side, you are bound to feel better.

Other Health Benefits of Pet Ownership

There are lots of areas in and around Chicago to walk, run, and play with your pet. These activities release the hormone Serotonin, which is responsible for bringing us feelings of joy and happiness. The more you engage with your pet, the better you will feel. When you stroke your pet, the feeling of running your hand along his fur triggers the release of a flood of the ‘feel good’ hormones such as Oxytocin, Prolactin, and Dopamine. The longer you play with your pet, the happier you feel. No wonder they are called ‘man’s best friend’.

Looking After Your Best Friend

Developing a close bond with your pet is good for your overall psychological health. As more and more people start to own pets, there will be a greater demand for dog boarding, dog daycare, and dog grooming services, as well as obedience training and socialization classes. It is a good idea to bring him to K9 University to see what we can offer you. Your pet is as important to us as he is to you. Give us a ring to find out what we can do for you and your pet.