How to Find the Right Chicago Dog Groomer for Your Dog

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The pandemic has led to a rise in dog adoption rates. Today, 40% of dogs are being adopted from shelters as opposed to 28% in 2019.  This is mostly good news, but it has led to one major concern. People are now struggling to find a Chicago dog groomer they can trust. The good groomers are slammed with appointments causing many pet owners to wait weeks before their furry friends can be seen.

K9U offers a convenient dog grooming in Chicago solution. Our grooming department has expanded its hours to seven days a week. This article will discuss what to look for in a groomer so you can be sure your pup’s getting the top-notch service they deserve.

What to Look for in a Chicago Dog Grooming Services

  • A clean facility that’s well ventilated with sturdy equipment and quality products: The facility should be clean and well-ventilated. It should be equipped with high quality products, and sturdy workstations, tables, and tubs.
  • A variety of services provided including nail trimming, ear cleaning, fur care, etc.: The groomer must provide the services you need for your pup.
  • Experience with your dog’s breed: Different breeds have different needs. It’s best to find a groomer that has experience with your dog’s breed. That way they will understand their temperament as well as their specific grooming requirements.
  • Groomer training including mentorships, schools, certifications: Not all states require groomers to get a special education. However, if you find one with special training through apprenticeships and mentoring, it’s likely you can count on them to provide great service.
  • How will the dog be housed when not on the grooming table? The way your dog is housed when grooming it not taking place is important as well. AKC S.A.F.E program requirements dictate that the dog should be kept in a secure play area or crate when not being groomed. The crate should be for your dog only and it should provide clean padding and ventilation. In should be in clear sight of the grooming staff.
  • Is there a first aid kit on the premises? A first aid kit should be located nearby to grooming stations in case of an accident.
  • Does the facility have liability insurance? If the company has liability insurance, it means they will be responsible for any medical expenses incurred while your pup is at the facility.
  • What is the procedure in case of emergency? Find out if there’s an emergency plan in place in the case of a fire or natural disaster.
  • Cost: In addition to basic costs, you should find out if there are hidden costs for dogs based on type of coat, size, etc. This will help you avoid sticker shock.

K9U is the Perfect Choice for Dog Grooming in Chicago

If you are looking for a reliable Chicago dog grooming service for your dog, K9U Chicago is the perfect choice. You can have your dog groomed while he or she is in Chicago dog daycare. Our drop off, pick up option means we take care of transport issues providing your dog with convenient grooming and daycare services in one.

Our facility is clean, safe, comfortable, and affordable. Our staff is well-trained with experience caring for a variety of breeds. We provide a several services including baths, de-shedding treatments, nail trims, anal gland expressions, teeth brushing and more.

Finding the right dog roomer in Chicago can be frustrating. Our 7 day a week service eliminates the aggravation creating a stress-free environment for you and our pup. Contact us to get the high-quality care your pet deserves.