Everything You Need to Know About the Canine Good Citizen Certification

Guide to Canine Good Citizen Certification - Dog Pass CGC Test

Developed by the American Kennel Club in 1989, Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Training promotes the training of well-mannered dogs. All dogs have the potential to be exceptional. All it takes is some training, patience, and praise. We put together this guide to CGC certification to decide is it is valuable for you and to help you and your dog pass the CGC test.

K9U and our expert team can help you and your dog pass the CGC! Let’s learn more about this distinguished dog certification.

What is CGC Training?

The CGC is a series of 10 tests designed to determine whether a dog can control themselves in a variety of tasks and environments that they encounter daily. These include:

  1. Accepting a Stranger
  2. Sit Politely for Petting
  3. Appearance and Grooming
  4. Out for a Walk (on a loose lead)
  5. Walking Through a Crowd
  6. Sit and Down on a Command and Stay in Place
  7. Coming When Called
  8. Reaction to Another Dog
  9. Reaction to Distractions
  10. Supervised Separation

These tests ensure your dog has fully developed training that benefits themselves, their handler, and their community.

How Long Does It Take to Complete CGC Training?

Each test takes around a half-hour. The tasks are quick to complete. At K9U, our Canine Good Citizen Class is 6 weeks long. Each class prepares you for one or more of the tests.

What are the Requirements for Taking the CGC Test?

There are no prerequisites for taking the CGC Test other than if your dog can complete the 10 tasks. However, many dog owners choose to take a guided class rather than do the training themselves. You can jump-start training by checking out some videos online.

At K9U, we highly suggest working with an experienced trainer before investing your time in the CGC Test. The AKC agrees, “If you feel like you and your dog would benefit from some specialized, one-on-one attention, finding a trainer in your area can be beneficial. Many local AKC dog clubs have trainers that are able to guide you through the CGC training, as well as introduce you and your dog to more advanced dog sports – like agility or tracking.”

Why Take the Canine Good Citizen Test?

There are SO many wonderful benefits to passing the CGC Test. In a congested city like Chicago, where your dog is exposed to lots of people, stimulation, and a variety of unexpected situations, the CGC Test prepares your furry friend for anything the big city might toss their way.

In addition to better preparedness for city life. Dogs also benefit from:

Better Socialization

Dogs with this training are comfortable walking in their neighborhood and meeting other people and pets along the way. The CGC Test and training puts your dog in various situations that prepare them for real-life social encounters.

More Freedom & Mobility

Rest assured that this training allows you and your dog to experience more of the world with ease. Take your dog to new places – from street fests to a friend’s party – knowing that your dog knows what to do and how to cope. Having long term house visitors or adding to your family is also possible because your dog has the tools to deal with new situations.

The AKC states that it’s good for other reasons too, “Not only does CGC training create long-lasting trust between you and your pup, but also ensures you’ll be good neighbors and friends to everyone around you—and, if you’re interested in going beyond the basics, CGC also lays the foundation for other AKC sports and activities like obedience, agility, tracking, and performance events.”

Where to Take the Canine Good Citizen Test?

You can take the Canine Good Citizen Class and Test at K9U Chicago! If you and your dog are ready to go beyond the basics of dog training, this is the perfect class and certification for you.

How Does My Dog Pass the Canine Good Citizen Test?

At K9U, we suggest taking our 6-week CGC Course. It covers all the basics and gives your dog a chance to become used to some of these staged situations under careful supervision. Also, it’s equally important for handlers to learn what their roles and responsibilities are. It’s crucial that both dog and handler work in tandem to succeed and pass the test.

Take the CGC Test with K9U

Are you ready to take a big leap toward more confidence and better preparedness for real-life situations? Then K9U Chicago’s CGC Class is right for you! Our 6-week course will give you and your dog the skills to tackle your next goal – whether it’s becoming a therapy dog or visiting the dog park regularly.

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