Best Dog Breeds for Chicago Pet Owners

Most Popular Dog Breeds in Chicago

Adding a dog to your Chicago family is a very rewarding experience. You will be earning the companionship of a loyal, furry friend which can be beneficial to mental and physical health. You will also have improved the quality of life for the animal you are adopting.  There are several factors to consider when adopting a dog. Chief among them will be choosing a dog breed that is right for you. Among the attributes to consider are the dog’s appearance, behavior, and temperament.  In this article, we will discuss the most popular dog breeds in Chicago and why.

If you live in a big city like Chicago, you must also think about how the dog will adapt to your residence, how he will interact with your neighbors and the people around you, how she will react to the noise of the city, how protective he will be, and more. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of the best dog breeds for Chicago pet owners.

What to Look for in a Dog for City Life?

Traits to Look for When Choosing Dog Breeds in Chicago

  • Companionship: The main reason most people get a dog is for companionship. It may be surprising to find out how many people are lonely in a big city. A dog will be there for you through thick and thin.
  • Social: When it comes to city dogs, a social personality is a must. Your dog will encounter a lot of people and other dogs every day so it’s advisable to get one that can interact well with others.
  • Size: Many city dwellers live in small apartments making small dogs a better fit. It is important to strongly consider if the dog will be able to have the space she needs in your home.
  • Obedient: It’s important to find a dog that trains easily. That way you can feel confident that he or she will not bark at all hours and wake the neighbors. They will also be less likely to jump on the many dogs and people they see on the street. With our busy schedules, you want your pup to be confident and obedient.
  • Protection: Big cities tend to have higher crime rates than rural areas. A protective dog will be beneficial in keeping you and your family safe.

What Dogs Are Best for City Life and Chicago Home?

So which dog breeds in Chicago should you add to the family? The following breeds make great choices.

Labrador RetrieversLabradors and Golden Labs

There are a few differences when considering the temperaments of Labrador Retrievers and Golden Labs. They are large, playful, friendly, and energetic. They are highly intelligent and easy to train. While they are quick to make friends, they are also alert enough to make good watchdogs. A black lab may seem like a more imposing watchdog than the golden variety, but both will do a good job of protecting your home.

Doodles and Poodle Mixes

Poodles are a pure breed of dog while doodles are a hybrid or designer breed of dog. Both are favorites for city pet owners. Their poodle-like characteristics mean they are friendly, playful, adaptable, and extremely vigilant. They are hypoallergenic making them ideal pets for people with mild to moderate allergies.  Golden Doodles (Golden Retrievers and Poodle mix) and Labradoodles (Labradoodles and Poodle mix) are certainly favorites in the city; and for a good reason; they are gracious, polite, adorable, and well-mannered. They are also highly intelligent and easy to train. Their elegant looks make them a chic-style companions for any city dweller.

Pitbull MixPit Mixes

Pit mixes are great city dogs because they have the fierce protectiveness of their Pitbull ancestry as well as the playful, friendly traits of their other mixes. With a variety of Pitbull mixes available, you have a wide range to choose from. You may opt for the Pyrenees Pit (Great Pyrenees and Pitbull) which is known for being loyal and protective. The Akita Pit (Akita Inu and Pitbull) is obedient, easy to train, and very good with children. The Beagle Pit is loving, playful, and protective of its family members.


A Pomeranian’s tiny size makes it an ideal pet for those who live in cramped spaces. Their adorable faces and fuzzy coats mean they are a favorite with cosmopolitan types. They may have mischievous natures and personalities that far exceed their small stature, but they are surprisingly obedient and easy to train. They may even entertain your friends with some fun tricks.


Terrier mixTerriers

Terriers are great for city living because of their small size. They also kill vermin quickly which can be extremely useful in urban areas. Their proclivity as a hunter makes them alert in all situations so they are highly protective. Terriers make up for their small size with a huge personalities. They are fun, active, and great with children.



Get the Best Care for Your Dog- Regardless of the Breed

When it comes to dog breeds in Chicago, it’s different strokes for different strokes. But there’s a one-stop shop for getting all your care needs taken care of, and that’s K9 University Chicago (K9U).  All dog breeds are popular at K9U Chicago where every dog is welcome.

K9U offers a wide variety of services. Our Puppy Training class will teach your puppy basic obedience, manners, and socialization to get them off on the right foot. Our Agility Training consists of a wide range of activities that will build a bond between you and your dog. Our Dog Daycare will provide your dog with socialization and playtime to keep depression and destructive behavior at bay.

Dogs make terrific city pets. The dog breed in Chicago you choose will depend on your personal needs and tastes. Which of these will be adding to your family?