Professional Dog Boarding in Chicago

dog boarding chicago

Are you looking for professional dog boarding in Chicago? A place where you can drop off your best furry friend? A place where you will have total peace of mind that he will be well looked after while you’re away? If so, then you need not look any further than the team at K9 University!

Professional dog boarding in Chicago ILHow Does Dog Boarding Work?

You can either drop your dog off or we can pick him up depending on your needs. She will then stay with us for as long as you need him to. Our team of experts will ensure that she is always comfortable, well-fed and properly hydrated.

What Happens at Dog Boarding?

Your dog will be monitored constantly by our dedicated 24-hour staff. He will enjoy a comfortable stay in a climate-controlled space including extra-large “condo kennels” with soft, sanitized bedding and elevated pet cots. Our premises also have security cameras installed for additional peace of mind.

Can I Board All My Dogs Together?

You most certainly can! We offer dog boarding for puppies, small dogs, large dogs and even senior dogs so that your pack can all stay together.

For What Period, Can I Board My Dog?

For however long you need to – from one day to even 6 months if necessary.

Does K9 University Offer Dog Boarding for Training?

We do, indeed. If you like, we can train your furry friend while he stays with us. This is the ideal opportunity to focus on teaching specific skills and/or modifying specific behaviors.

Is There Dog Boarding Near Me in Chicago?

K9 University is located at 2945 W Lake St, Chicago, IL, making it the perfect choice for dog boarding for all local Chicago residents. And, our pick-up and drop-off service makes it that much more convenient for you to assure that your pet has the best care possible outside your home.

Want to learn more about our dog boarding services in Chicago? Then be sure to get in touch!