Dog Training Seminar in Chicago with a World Renowned Dog Trainer (for Professionals and Owners)

real world dog training seminar in chicago

In this article, we are featuring a unique and once of a life opportunity to participate in a real world dog training seminar in Chicago with a traveling an expert dog trainer, Blake Rodriguez.

Dog training and behavior modification dog training has changed so much over the last few decades and is continually evolving.  Dog trainers and dog care professionals have many more options to certify and expand their techniques to deal with all kinds of dogs and behavioral challenges.  Social media has become a vehicle for dog owners to find education, expertise, and support groups toshare experiences. Renowned dog trainers are finding ways to bring their expertise closer to dog owners and trainers everywhere by offering traveling dog training seminars coupled with social media groupsfor follow-on conversations.  In these traveling seminars, these expert trainers provide hands on training for real world challenges, reduce the pain of difficult dog behaviors, and help families and dogs achieve harmony.

Dog Training Traveling Seminars

Today, dog owners can bring their pets to an expert for training as these sought-after trainers travel all corners of the world to help dog owners and dog care professionals refine their skills through intensive hands-on bootcamps.  K9U Chicago has partnered with Blake Rodriguez, founder of Dream Come True K9 of NYC and world renowned dog trainer, to bring one of his highly sought after Obedience Training Seminar to Chicago.

K9U Chicago to Host Real World Dog Training Seminar in Chicago with Blake Rodriguez’s, June 22-24, 2018

Want to be trained by a world-renowned dog trainer who has trained thousands of dogs, dog handlers, and owners on how to achieve a more balanced lifestyle, addressing the most difficult issues?  Blake Rodriguez, a highly sought-after expert,travels the world to share his knowledge of dog training in seminars for dog owners, trainers, dog handlers, and anyone interested in learning about dog behaviors.

We are excited to host Blake Rodriguez’s Real World Obedience Training 3-day seminar at the K9U Chicago Facility from June 22 to June 24, 2018, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM.  Join us for this limited time opportunity to train your dog and reduce the pain of difficult dog behaviors. Go here for more details about the schedule and call us at  773-533-5959 to register.

What Makes this Seminar Special

The seminar focuses on creating clear communication and building languages between you and your dog to help you both in everyday situations and challenges, ultimately strengthening the bond between you.  It’s a carefully thought-out approach that attracts people struggling with their dog’s behavior.  It also appeals to many new dog owners and people with happy go lucky dogs and puppies.  It focuses on everyday behavior and helps achieve real world obedience by blending the understanding of the science behind dog behavior with a practical, common sense approach.

It covers everyday essentials that Blake feels are key to preventing major behavioral problems from occurring and putting you in a position to successfully addressthoseproblems if they occur.  Blake will teach you how to train as a lifestyle and become confident in everyday life situations with your dog.

Some of the topics that will be covered include

  • Understanding behavioral conditioning techniques and how to effectively use them
  • Understanding the value of a reinforcement-based foundation and how to build from it
  • Classical conditioning and its role in real world dog training
  • Leash pressure communication
  • Marker/clicker training
  • Everyday commonly used tools (pros & cons)
  • Praise/reward/affection/unintentional reinforcement
  • Off leash reliability, recall
  • Socialization/coexistence/exposure, understanding what they are and how to benefit from them
  • Remote collar, e-collar application (for fun foundation and advanced behavior issues)
  • Basic commands such as: Sit, down, place, here, let’s go, and out
  • Correction/Direction differences and similarities
  • Addressing behavior issues vs dealing with them
  • Teaching your dog how to be included in everyday life
  • Relationship development and enrichment

What you will get

  • Personalized attention from Blake for each participant and dog.
  • Active participant and observer –In addition to individual work with Blake, you will also observe other owners and dogs and critique what they are doing.
  • A support group of other dog owners and local dog trainers with whom you can network to continue learning and practicing for a long time after the seminar.
  • Renewed confidence in your ability to lead your pet in a variety of situations.
  • An improved relationship with your best friend.
  • A life style of learning habits for you and your pet to keep improving getting better

Call K9U Chicago today at  773-533-5959 to reserve your spot for a learning opportunity you don’t want to miss.