Fun Ways to Spoil Your Dog This Holiday Season

Dog Dressed for Holiday

The holidays are all about spoiling your babies, and that includes your fur babies! Fortunately, in today’s pet-centric world, there is seemingly no end to the things you can buy your dog that will fill them with excitement. Here are a few gift suggestions that are sure to delight both you and your pup this Holiday Season.

Creative Dog Holiday Treats

Dog treats will always be a crowd pleaser. These are a few your dog will love.

  • Pure Being Dog Advent Calendar: Your dog can count down to Christmas by eating a yummy treat every day of Advent. This Advent Calendar treat box contains 25 days’ worth of all-natural salmon and sweet potato treats.
  • Bocce’s Bakery Lumps of Coal Soft & Chewy Dog Treats: These lumps of coal are meant for dogs that have been anything but naughty. Owners will appreciate the simple ingredients and dogs will love the taste.
  • Merry & Bright Holiday Merry Friends Santa & Tree Cookies Dog Treats: They look good enough for a human to eat… so make sure everyone in the household knows these are for the pup. Your canine will go gaga over these apple cinnamon cookie dog treats.

Dog Toys –Gift Ideas to Delight Your Dog This Holiday Season 

Dog waiting guarding Xmas

Your dog’s Christmas Day will be that much more special if they have a fun toy to play with. The following items will provide them with hours of fun.

Dog Games

You can challenge and entertain dogs with a variety of interactive games. These are a few that may make your list.

  • Pet Snuffle Mat: The snuffle mat has various hiding places that allow your dog to forage for food. Its colorful, soft, anti-slip design makes it a fun and convenient option.
  • Holiday Hot Cocoa Hide & Seek Puzzle Plush Squeaky Toy: Hide the little marshmallow inside the plush cocoa mug to give your dog some hide and seek excitement.
  • More and Merrier Holiday Puzzle Dog Toy: You dog will have tons of fun pushing the various elements of this dog toy around with his snoot.

Happy Dog Special Supplies

Spoil Your Dog During Holiday Season

Special supplies will make your dog especially happy this holiday season. These items are sure to elevate you’re his or her mood.

Dog Experiences to Spoil Your Dog During the Holidays

Your dog will be happy to be included in family holiday experiences. Consider taking him along for the following activities.

  • Pictures with Santa: Today, many mall Santas offer pet picture services. Bring your furry friends along to make terrific memories. Yes, we know, this one is more for you!
  • Snow Day: Give your dog an hour or so to romp in an open field full of snow. Consider tossing a ball around so you both stay warm.
  • Doggie Daycare: Doggie daycare is a fun holiday dog experience. Your dog will have the opportunity to play indoors and outdoors, socialize with other dogs and have a blast playing with their BFFs.

If you are looking to give your dog a fun day at daycare for the holidays, K9U is highly recommended. Our daycare services include large indoor and outdoor areas, supervised playtime, and transportation services. We also provide individualized and special needs care.

Our dog boarding facility is an ideal option ensuring your dog has fun while you are away this holiday season.

The holidays are a special time for everyone, and your dog is no exception. The gift suggestions in this article will ensure he or she fully enjoys everything the season has to offer. Which of these will you be treating your dog to?