Summer is here, is your dog ready to enjoy the fun?

Puppy Play

There are a myriad of fun things going on in Chicago this summer, and if you want to include your new pooch in the fun, then puppy training is a must. In this day and age, our dogs are becoming more and more a part of the family, but you can’t take Fido with you if he’s not well-behaved.

Dogs are part of the family and social life

People are growing more attached to their dogs and other pets. Just look at your Facebook feed and you will see many of your friends sharing photos of their pets. We care deeply for our pets and have moved away from the idea that pets are possessions and more towards the idea of them as family. People throw birthday parties for their dogs, they dress them up, plan their social lives around them, and even make (human) friends based on shared dog breeds.

Puppy training will get your dog ready to participate in your life

A puppy training course will prepare your dog to not only obey a series of basic commands, but also to socialize with other dogs and people.   You can be confident that your puppy will be prepared to interact in a fun and safe manner as you involve him in your life this summer and beyond.

At K9 University in Chicago, we know that your dog is a dear member of your family. We want your dog to enjoy life just as you do, so let us assist you in getting your puppy fit for a busy social life. We offer puppy training and puppy classes in the Chicago area, so you can be rest-assured that your four-legged friend is socialized the right way. Contact us to find out more.