Paws-itively Pampered: The Surprising Benefits of a Dog Massage

Surprising Benefits of Dog Massage

Everyone loves a good massage. Why shouldn’t your dog? Dogs love to be pet. Why not go a little deeper and relax those muscles? Doing so provides a wealth of mental and physical benefits.  This article will discuss dog massage benefits and recommend some techniques you can try at home.

What Are Some Dog Massage Techniques I Can Try at Home?

Backstroke: A backstroke is effective for dogs who experience anxiety and are especially fearful of human touch. It involves gently stroking either side of the spine starting at the back of the head and using gentle pressure. Avoid the dog’s backbone.

Forehead Rub: The forehead rub is a technique that targets the calming points located on the dog’s head. Start at the tip of the nose, an acupressure point said to soothe and promote healing. Apply gentle pressure while running your thumb from the nose to the back of the head. Then reverse your movements.

Tight and Glute Rub: The thigh and glute rub is a recommended massage for older dogs. It helps treat arthritis and other age-related mobility issues. It keeps muscles loose and supports dog joint flexibility. It involves gently pressing your thumb into the dog’s thigh or glute muscles and making a backward “c”. Work your way across the thigh muscle making these clockwise semi-circles. The technique can also be performed around the base of the neck.

Ear Rub: An ear rub is effective in promoting stress relief for dogs. Start with your thumb on the inner side of your dog’s ear at the base of the ear flap. The index finger should be outside the ear. Use slight pressure to slowly stroke the ear working outwards towards the end of the ear. Finish with a gentle tug.

What Are Dog Massage Benefits?

  • Reduces Stress: A massage will calm your dog down and reduce stress and anxiety. For best results, make massage a part of your dog’s daily routine.
  • Minimizes Pain: Massages increase serotonin production which boosts mood and minimizes pain.
  • Improves Lymphatic Flow and Circulation: Massages aid with circulation and ensures nutrients and oxygen are circulating throughout your dog’s body. It also improves lymphatic flow helping the body carry waste away from muscles and organs. These canine massage advantages reduce the risk of disease.
  • Beneficial to Recovery: Massages are recommended for dogs that are recovering from surgeries or injuries. Your vet will show you the techniques that are best for your dog and won’t cause reinjury.
  • Helps You Identify Health Issues: When you massage your dog, you can look out for swelling, lumps, bumps, sensitive areas, and changes in skin, hair, and temperature. If a change is detected, you can alert your vet so issues can be treated early on.
  • Bonding Through Massage: Massages are a bonding experience that benefits the dog and the owner. Petting a dog has been shown to lower heart rate and blood pressure and release oxytocin, a hormone associated with feelings of love and happiness.

What Signs Should I Look for to Know if My Dog Is Enjoying the Canine Massage Experience?

If your dog is enjoying its massage, he will stretch and lean into your hands. It will relax to the point where it is almost asleep.

If the dog is uncomfortable, she will monitor your movements. It will growl and try to escape.

You will increase your chances of getting a good response if you use a low, calm voice and maintain a soothing demeanor while massaging your dog.

K9U Can Help with Stress Relief for Dogs

Massages are a great way to help dogs relieve stress. K9U offers a variety of other stress-relieving activities.

Dog owners can take their dogs to our Doggie Daycare. Dogs can enjoy socializing with other dogs, so they don’t feel depressed due to isolation. They can let off steam in our 29,000 square feet of outdoor and indoor play areas.

We can also engage your dog in individual activities like playing fetch, treadmill exercises, and rope pulling. They will receive mental and physical stimulation that improves their mood and health. They will also learn how to engage with other dogs respectfully.

Our Day Grooming services will make your dog feel happy and healthy. We will fully pamper your dog with treatments like fur and nail trims, teeth brushing, and more. Our trained groomers will make your dog feel right at home.

Your dog’s mental and physical health is so important. A combination of beneficial massages, grooming, and social interaction will make them feel their best. What activities do you engage in to keep your dog happy?