Tips on Proper Dog Grooming & Pampering by K9 University’s Lead Groomer, Robyn Michael

dog grooming

At K9 University our lead groomer, Robyn Michael, works hard to bring out the best in every dog and that means being more of a practical stylist than just your average dog groomer. There’s a saying that goes “when your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail”. This saying seems to ring true in the grooming industry these days. Some dog groomers think that just because they have a clipper, every dog needs a haircut, but this is not necessarily true, and at K9 University we prove that.

When it comes to dog grooming tips and hints, we have many. First and foremost, it’s particularly important to take your pet’s coat into consideration when deciding on the type of grooming required. Non-shed, soft coated dogs do sometimes require haircuts, but in many cases, a bit of neatening up will do the trick. Some dogs will need a de-shedding treatment. Keep in mind that an inappropriate haircut can aggravate, rather than solve shedding problems.

Some things to consider that can help manage shedding and in-home dirt caused by your dog:

  • Baths: Of course, you cannot bathe your dog every day, but wet hair follicles open a bit more which makes it easier to brush them out.
  • De-shedding shampoo: This makes the skin suppler and allows the groomer to bush out the hair that is about to shed.
  • Trim or clip only the hair at the feet that feather or fringe out: These hairs contribute to tracking in dirt. You can shorten these effectively without clipping the entire coat.
  • Keep a bucket of water and a towel at the door so you can quickly rinse your dog’s feet before they come into the home when it’s wet. Mud can be pesky and this is an effective way of controlling it.
  • Control bad smells by regularly washing your dog’s collar and bedding.
  • Proper grooming is essential: Make sure that you use mild shampoos, the correct brush and technique for both washing and brushing. Consulting with our lead groomer on this can really help a great deal.

Spoil Your Dog with Professional Grooming & Pampering at K9 University

At K9 University, Robyn Michael is ready to groom your pet. Grooming and pampering at our Chicago facility are not only about making your dog look and smell great, it’s also about making them feel good too. We encourage our clients to give us feedback after each grooming session to let us know what they liked and disliked so that we can continue to provide them with an effective service going forward.

For more dog grooming tips and advice, simply contact us via email or telephone at K9 University today.