Places in Chicago you may not have known that you can take your dog

Where can you take your dog in Chicago

You’ve been working all week and haven’t spent much quality time with your dog.  Unfortunately, in the warmer months, your weekend comes with an evergrowing to do list, which means the work never ends.  Does that mean you’ll have to leave your best friend at home again on Saturday to run all of your errands?  Luckily for you and your pooch, Chicago is a dog-friendly city, and that includes many of its retailers.   You can plan a complete day of running around that you can do with your dog.    We will review a list of places where you can take your dog in Chicago.   Let’s get started.

Dog downtown Where you can take your dog in Chicago

Got cash?       

The bank does, and you probably need to get some before you go shopping.  Or perhaps you have other banking that you’ve been putting off all week.  Fortunately, you are in luck.  Did you know that some local bank branches (e.g., Chase) are dog friendly?  Not only in the enclosed ATM lobbies, you can also take him into the main lobby, where he generally will be greeted with treats, pets, and maybe even a belly rub while you do your banking.

Call your bank today to see if they have a similar policy.

Time to go shopping

Now that you’ve done your banking, let’s go buy some supplies.  Spring cleaning means not only means cleaning but also re-organizing.  As you probably know, the Container Store can help with that, and guess what else – they love dogs!   But be prepared – your dog will be showered with affection, pets, and maybe even curious looks from people who were unaware of their dog policy!

Next task:  home repairs and yard work.Another favorite dog-friendly stores in the city is The Home Depot.  The secret is out on this one, though – you’ll likely see more dogs here than at other lesser known dog-friendly spots.This place can get crowded, though, so make sure you keep your dog on a short leash.

While you’re out running errands, don’t forget that it’s the season for weddings and graduation parties, and of course there are always birthdays and other occasions to shop for.  Certainly, you’ll have to drop Fido off at home while you browse in fancy department stores, right?

Wrong!  Did you know that you can take your dog into all Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack stores? They are one of the most dog-friendly stores in the city. In fact, nearly all of the Shops at North Bridge on Michigan Avenue, where the large Nordstrom is located, will gladly welcome your pooch. Furthermore, we’ve found that many department and furniture stores in the city – from Pier One to Bloomingdales to Orvis to Modani– love dogs as much as we do, and welcome them with open arms (and sometimes, treats).  If you don’t see your favorite store in this short list, make sure you call ahead to confirm, but in this city, you will have plenty of options for your furry friend to tag along.

Dog in appliance store- where you can take your dog in Chicago

And of course, no shopping trip is complete without a stop at one of the myriad pet stores in the city for food, treats, and toys. That means PetSmart, Petco, Krisers, and any number of smaller, boutique stores should be an obvious stop on your list because, of course, they all welcome dogs at all times.She put up with all of your shopping, the least you could do is reward her with a new toy or a bag of treats!

While you work, drop your dog off at K9U

Now that the errands are done and you are ready to get to work, you probably don’t have a lot of time to play in the park. This is where K9 University can help. You can drop off your best friend at K9U for open play outside.   At least 15,000 square foot of our outdoors dog play area is fully covered with K9Grass®, which is specifically made for dogs and is very soft and cushiony to the touch.  Call us at 773-533-5959 or check out our daycare page at here to book your appointment.

In addition to playing, you can schedule a bath, nail clipping, or full groom.   That way at least one of you will be clean at the end of your yard work! You can check out all of our grooming options on our grooming page at here.

After the work is done

Where you can take your dog in Chicago

Now as evening approaches and your work is done and your dog is played out and cleaned up, it’s time to celebrate!  And once again, you can do that with your dog!  As the weather warms up, there are myriad patios opening around the city where you can enjoy an adult beverage, a bite to eat, and your dog at your side.

For example, some fun places in the South Loop include Flo & Santos, which has an enormous dog-friendly patio, Vice District, which actually allows dogs inside, and Weather Mark Tavern.  Traveling a bit north to Printer’s Row, you find Kasey’s, Bar Louie, and Half Sour, among others, who offer their patios to our pooches.

There are too many neighborhoods and restaurants and bars to list them all here, so be sure to inquire at places near you about their willingness to allow dogs.A word of caution, though – this environment will be full of friendly people and great smelling food, so you’ll have to keep your pooch close and under control.

We hope you enjoyed this small tour through dog-friendly Chicago – some places where you can take your dog in Chicago, get things things done, enjoy your pooch’s company.  And remember, if you have to get out and about to places that do not allow dogs, K9 University is always here for you.