Why Back to School Doggie Daycare is So Important for Your Dog

back to school doggie daycare in Chicago

During summer vacations, dogs get spoiled. The kids are home from school to play with them and be their loyal companions. Children and their pups can run under the sprinkler, take walks to the beach, and generally enjoy the outdoors. What happens when the kids go back to school? Your dog may get depressed by the sudden lack of companionship. Taking them to a doggie daycare can help them keep depression at bay.  This article will discuss the benefits of a back-to-school doggie daycare in Chicago and how it can keep your pup’s spirits up when your child returns to the classroom.

What are the Benefits of Back-to-School Doggie Daycare in an Urban City Like Chicago?

There are many benefits involved in taking your dog to a Chicago doggie daycare. Here are some to consider.

  • Provides a Routine for the Dog: Dogs take comfort in a routine. Dogs that know when they are getting fed, when they are going out, and when they are being put down for naps, etc., are less stressed out. Dogs on a routine are also more easily trained. A doggie daycare provides a routine that will benefit your dog’s mental health now that your child is back in school.
  • Provides Socialization: Dogs enjoy socializing with other dogs. It relieves boredom. It also teaches them how to act around other dogs and people in social situations. It gives them an opportunity to run around with other pups, so they come home happy and relaxed. They may even meet their furry BFF!
  • One on One Activities: In addition to allowing dogs to run around with others, a doggie daycare Chicago will also provide one-on-one activities for your pup. These can be customized to meet your dog’s needs. They teach your dog skills and provide them with undivided attention that makes them feel loved.
  • A Caring Staff: Most doggie daycare facilities are run by a caring staff that are trainer to attend to your dog’s needs. In addition to keeping them happy during the day, they may also suggest activities and other types of lifestyle practices that can improve their mental and physical health at home.
  • Improves the Dog’s Mental Health: If a dog is alone during the day, they can get stressed out and depressed. A doggie daycare in Chicago provides them with both human and canine interactions so they feel calm and happy.
  • Eliminates Destructive Behavior at Home: When a dog is home alone, they may become anxious and depressed causing them to engage in destructive behavior such as ripping up the couch or peeing on the floor. When you place your dog in a daycare, the staff will keep them happy so they will be less likely to display destructive behavior. Any incidents that do occur will happen in the facility, not in your home.
  • Can Provide Transportation: It can be difficult to get your dog from and to doggie daycare Chicago every day. Fortunately, many facilities including K9U Chicago provide dog transportation eliminating the hassle of a lengthy commute.

K9U Chicago is the Right Back to School Doggie Daycare for Your Pup

If you are looking for the right back to school Chicago doggie daycare for your pup, look no further than K9U Chicago.

Our Doggie Daycare features one of the largest play areas in the city with a total of 29,000 square feet of outdoor and indoor space. Our multiple inside and outside play areas allow us to separate dogs according to size and temperament.

Our one on one activities provide mental and physical stimulation for your dog while teaching them socialization skills. We offer a variety of packages that include pick up and drop off service.

Don’t let your dog get depressed when your kid goes back to school. Take him or her to K9U Chicago Doggie Daycare. We will provide your pup with the companionship they need while your child is away.