Why Pugs Make Such Great Pets

Why Pugs Make Such Great Pets

If you are in the market for a new dog, why not get a pug? These adorable little canines are known for being affectionate with children and they are quick learners. They are low maintenance, observant and natural cuddlers. They are loyal and eager to please.  Pugs make great pets for any environment.

They are good natured dogs that will make a terrific friend for any pet lover. Read on to find out why you should consider adding a pug to your family.

History of Pugs

Pugs are one of the oldest dog breeds out there. They date back to 400 B.C. Most historians agree that they first turned up in China and were bred as companions for emperors and Tibetan Buddhist monks.

A pug’s wrinkled face is a purposeful feature as Chinese breeders bred them that way. The pattern in their foreheads is made to resemble the Chinese sign for Prince which is a tall straight vertical line crossed by three smaller horizontal lines.

Some believed the pug’s name was derived from marmoset monkeys, also called pug monkeys. The monkeys were another popular Chinese pet and they closely resembled pugs.

Others think the name came from the Latin word pugnus which means fist. This would be appropriate as pug’s faces resemble fists.

Pugs started out in China but they soon became a popular breed worldwide due to their friendly nature and small size. They were well received in Russia, Japan, and Europe.  Catherine the Great even had one.

They also became the darlings of a Freemason Covert Society who called themselves Order of the Pug due to the dog’s loyal and trustworthy nature.

Today, pugs continue to be a favorite among pet lovers. Owners can’t get enough of their loyal, charming nature and their ability to be a terrific companion.

Why Pugs Make Great Pets

Based on what you’re learned so far, it should be apparent why pugs make such great pets, but here are a few points to sum it up.

They’re Natural Cuddlers: Pugs are sweet natured dogs that are playful, happy-go-lucky, and affectionate. They sleep a lot, and the odd shape of their mouths means they cannot bite aggressively. These are all characteristics that make them perfect for cuddling.

They’re Smart: Pugs are smart and observant. This makes them good learners and they can be trained easily.

They’re Small and Low-Maintenance: A pug’s small size means they are perfect for people who live in homes with limited space.  They are also low maintenance which makes them especially attractive to people who live in the city condos, lofts, and apartments.

They Get Along with Other Animals: Pugs are not only affectionate with humans, but they are also affectionate with other animals. If you already have a pet, it’s likely they will become fast friends with your pug.

How to Care for Your Pug

Pugs have unusual features that call for specialized care. Here are some ways you can provide them optimal health and comfort.

Keep Them on a Healthy Diet: Pugs tend to like to eat way more than they like to exercise. Therefore, it’s important to keep them on a low-fat diet. They may also have digestive issues, so all natural foods might be the way to go.

Groom Them Properly: A pug’s wrinkles make it easy for dirt to get trapped causing irritations. When cleaning them, pay attention to their face making sure it’s clean and dry after the bath. Their bulging eyes should also be rinsed so they are free of debris.  Pugs shed and their coarse hair needs regular brushing and grooming.  Given that they love contact, you can teach them to enjoy the grooming process.

Use a Harness Instead of a Collar: Pugs’ compressed faces can cause breathing difficulties. A collar puts pressure on the trachea and could lead to respiratory issues. It is best to use a harness that distributes weight on the shoulders, back and chest.

Check with your vet for guidance as to how to keep your pug well and healthy.

How K9U Can Benefit Your Pug

If you have a pug at home, you’ll want to make him feel as loved as possible. K9U provides services that will help him live his best life.

If you are afraid that you are leaving your pug at home for too many hours during the day, our Doggie Daycare is the answer. We will keep your dog safe and stimulated in our indoor or outdoor play areas.

If you are concerned about your pug’s weight, we offer Individual Activities for Dogs that will give him the exercise he needs.

And you never have to worry about dropping your dog off and picking him up. We offer Daycare with Transportation that’s convenient for pet owners that lead busy lives.

Pugs make terrific pets. They’re sweet, smart, silly and lovable. Show them how much you care by bringing them to classes at K9U. Your dog will be happy, healthy and enjoy the highest quality of care; and they will make new best friends.