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Dog Grooming West Loop Chicago

Robyn MichaelsRobyn Michaels - dog Grooming

With its vibrant atmosphere, West Loop is a great part of Chicago where many people live, work and play. West Loop is a former industrial area that has been reinvented, with many old warehouses and factories turned into loft apartments, art galleries, trendy restaurants such as Girl and the Goat and Leña Brava.

Edgy and thriving, West Loop has attracted many young families to enjoy the city community vibe. And what would a family be without a much loved family pet? If you own a dog in West Loop, you know just how essential dog grooming is to keep your pet in peak condition. After all, a healthy and well groomed pet is a happy pet!

K9 dog grooming services

We like to pamper the pooches in our care, just as much as their owners like to be pampered when they visit the salon. Our Doggy Salon provides superior dog grooming in West Loop Chicago, from basic washing and trimming to advanced extras such as deep conditioning and nail trimming. We will be able to advise you on the best grooming package to suit your dog’s breed and size.

Dog Grooming - Deep ConditioningOur basic dog grooming services include:

  • Full service bath – shampoo and blow dry, including nail trim and ear cleaning
  • Full service groom – shampoo and blow dry, including nail trim, ear cleaning, shed management and paw trim
  • Shed management – shampoo and brush out to remove loose undercoat
  • Full service haircut – shampoo and blow dry, including nail trim, ear cleaning and a custom haircut

In addition we provide additional services and upgrades such as deep conditioning, sanitary trim, anal gland attention and even paw-dicures!

Other services offered

In addition to dog grooming in West Loop, we also offer a variety of other services:

Doggy daycare – keeps your dogs happy and stimulated while you’re at work.

Daycare pickup and drop off – transportation to and from daycare throughout West Loop.

Dog training – from basic obedience to advanced training, including boot camp.

Dog boarding – a safe, comfortable environment for your pet when you’re away from home.

Dog Grooming FAQ’s

Why is grooming your dog important?

Grooming is such a vital part of a dog’s health and well-being, that it needs to be done on a regular basis. It can increase your best friend’s lifespan.

What do you use to bathe my dog?

Our shampoos are of excellent quality. We mix it with water to the manufacturer’s specifications to avoid it being too strong. The shampoo is always rinsed out thoroughly, as remaining shampoo can irritate the dog’s skin.

How often should I have my dog’s teeth cleaned and how do you do it?

To prevent bad breath, painful chewing and teeth loss, you should consider adding teeth cleaning on to your regular grooming routine every time you come. We use special toothbrushes (with soft bristles) and toothpaste that have been designed for a dog’s mouth.

How often should I have my dog groomed?

Regular grooming is recommended. However, we will advise you on exactly how often your dog needs to be groomed, as it depends on the length and thickness of their coat.

What is the best way to train my dog for a nail clipping?

Nail trimming is a completely painless process, but it does need to be done at least once a month. Fortunately, the more regularly you do it, the more quickly your dog will become used to it.

Why choose K9 University for dog grooming in Chicago?

At K9 University, we’re all about dogs. We love to see dogs that are happy and healthy. We offer fantastic grooming services, paying particular attention to the needs of different breeds. As a training, boarding and daycare facility, we offer 3,500 square feet of comfortable climate controlled and padded space as well as 2 fenced outdoor play areas.

For further information on dog grooming in West Loop, Chicago as well as our range of other services, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Why Our Clients Love Us

K9 University is great. We’ve been going there for 7 and a half years. We’ve done training, we’ve done agility, we’ve done boarding and we’ve done daycare. The only thing we haven’t done is a drop off and pick up. My dog is kind of a nut and they deal with her well. Debbie W.
I was referred by a previous customer. I had never used a daycare before and my experience has been wonderful since day ONE! The staff is friendly, welcoming and attentive to my dog (and me…LOL)…She loves going there.Tracee A.
My dog has experienced everything at K9U: daycare, classes and boarding. When he is either picked up by the K9U van or dropped off his tail is wagging like crazy. When I pick him up he is happy to see me, goes outside to relieve himself and then pulls to go back in.Jane F.
I’ve been a customer for 15 years and counting. K9 helped us raise our puppies and cherish our old girls. I can think of no other place I would trust more with my furry family.Jonathan A.
This is really awesome doggo place. We had a basic obedience training here, and our dog is changed! She listens now, and behaving well, our trainer is really good - she is like a dog whisperer. Love and recommend this place for all dog's parent out there.Yessie S.
K9U is great. They offer classes as well as day camp /sitting services. The size of the location is pretty impressive, as they have a large indoor and outdoor areas for dogs to play. (They even pick up and drop off your dog.). The staff and trainers are very friendly and extremely effective.James J.
Chicago, Illinois
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Chicago, Illinois
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