Puppy Training and Socialization –
Why it’s important for dogs of every age, shape, color, and size

Are you on the hunt for professional puppy training classes in Chicago? Good for you! Puppy training is one of the most important duties when it comes to owning a dog, as it is sure to build the foundation for a healthy, well-behaved, happy dog with whom you will be able to enjoy many years together! Luckily, K9 University can provide you with world-class puppy training in Chicago. Here are a few reasons why we believe puppy training is important for dogs of every age, shape, color, and size:dog-training-5

  • Socialization

Puppy training provides your pup with the opportunity to interact with other dogs and humans, reducing the chances of it becoming fearful of unfamiliar dogs and humans later in life. This reduces the chances of aggression problems developing – giving you the peace of mind that you deserve.

  • Manners

Puppy classes teach your sweet dog to behave appropriately in specific situations, such as when on walks, when being fed and when greeting new humans.

  • Housetraining

Having trouble getting your furry child to pee and poop outside? Fear not. At puppy training classes, you will receive plenty of information and tips for managing this as quickly and as effortlessly Basic Dog Trainingas possible.

  • Basic obedience

To start with, puppies are often too preoccupied with their surroundings to listen to their owner. Professional puppy training remedies this and helps to ensure that your dog becomes more obedient and even responds to a few basic commands.

  • Good exercise

Puppy classes are always fun and guaranteed to involve plenty of playing. This is excellent exercise for your pup and is sure to tire him out – leading to a much more peaceful night for you! It is also likely to reduce the chances of your pup struggling with problems like obesity as he or she gets older.

If you are interested in learning more about our expert puppy training classes in Chicago, be sure to get in touch with K9 University. Along with puppy training and socialization classes, we also offer a doggy daycare service, basic obedience training…and a convenient dog grooming service.

Why Our Clients Love Us

K9 University is great. We’ve been going there for 7 and a half years. We’ve done training, we’ve done agility, we’ve done boarding and we’ve done daycare. The only thing we haven’t done is a drop off and pick up. My dog is kind of a nut and they deal with her well. Debbie W.
I was referred by a previous customer. I had never used a daycare before and my experience has been wonderful since day ONE! The staff is friendly, welcoming and attentive to my dog (and me…LOL)…She loves going there.Tracee A.
My dog has experienced everything at K9U: daycare, classes and boarding. When he is either picked up by the K9U van or dropped off his tail is wagging like crazy. When I pick him up he is happy to see me, goes outside to relieve himself and then pulls to go back in.Jane F.
I’ve been a customer for 15 years and counting. K9 helped us raise our puppies and cherish our old girls. I can think of no other place I would trust more with my furry family.Jonathan A.
This is really awesome dog place. We had a basic obedience training here, and our dog is changed! She listens now, and behaving well, our trainer is really good - she is like a dog whisperer. Love and recommend this place for all dog parents out there.Yessie S.
K9U is great. They offer classes as well as day camp /sitting services. The size of the location is pretty impressive, as they have a large indoor and outdoor areas for dogs to play. (They even pick up and drop off your dog.). The staff and trainers are very friendly and extremely effective.James J.

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