Why Daycare Is the Best Thing For Your Dog Right Now

Happy pups enjoying the benefits of dog daycare

Let’s admit it, staying home and spending all day with our furry companions has been the highlight of the pandemic.  But now that more of us are going back to the office, how can we lessen the inevitable stress your pup will experience?  That is where we come in!  Enrolling your pup in daycare is the perfect answer to your pup’s blues.  Here are some reasons why you should give doggy daycare a try. 

There are many benefits to doggy daycare

Instead of wallowing away at home and struggling with post-quarantine separation anxiety, your furry friend gets to enjoy all the benefits that come with doggy daycare.  

Some benefits include:

  • Exercising all day
  • Running around with other dogs
  • Going on long, fun walks with our staff and playing fetch
  • Lots of affection and attention from staff
  • Peace of mind for you, the owner 
  • A sense of routine for your pup

Our staff also puts a great emphasis on reinforcing good behavior.  This reinforcement comes in the form of training your pooch to behave and respond to commands.  

Before daycare, you came home to a dog with pent-up energy from laying around all day.  Perhaps you even came home to a dug-up yard because your dog was left home alone.  But now, after enrolling your dog in daycare, you get to come home to a happy, tuckered out pup who is ready to enjoy a quiet, calm night with you. 

Happy pups enjoying the benefits of dog daycare

Socialization is very important for dogs

Dog socialization is crucial for your dog’s overall health.  At doggy daycare, your dog will make new friends, as they run around and play with other dogs for hours on end.  This will make your dog physically and emotionally content.  If you drop off your dog regularly at the doggy daycare, your dog will most likely see many of the same dogs every time and form strong bonds with them.  They’ll even make new BFFs! As we all know, dogs are social animals, and this will make your dog extremely happy. Daycare essentially offers a socialization aspect with other dogs that even you cannot provide. 

Dog socialization

Doggy daycare does not have to be expensive!

Oftentimes, people shy away from enrolling their dog in daycare because they hold the assumption that daycare is expensive.  However, daycare is a lot more affordable than you think!  If you do some research, you will find that a lot of facilities have specials and discounted rates that you can take advantage of.  There is also the option of taking your dog to daycare only several times a week as opposed to every day to help cut costs. 

Find the right daycare for your dog

Just like anything else, it is important to find the right fit for your dog.  You are essentially trusting the daycare to give your dog the love and attention they deserve, and you want your dog to be given the most excellent care possible.  Doggy daycare would be your dog’s home away from home.  

Here are a few things to look out for when choosing the right doggy daycare for you:

  1. Make sure there are protocols in place to protect your dog’s health.  Every dog must submit proof that they are up to date on vaccines before being enrolled in the program. 
  2. Ask about the staff-to-dog ratio in the doggy daycare.  You want to make sure that there are enough staff members to safely monitor playtime between dogs.  Even among the most socialized dogs, fights can still happen, so multiple trained staff should be on standby to make sure that no one gets hurt. 
  3. Look for a daycare that is in constant communication with the pet parent.  Getting an in-depth report of your dog’s day at daycare will ease your nerves and make you feel like your pup is getting the attention and love they deserve.
  4. During your tour of the facility, make sure that there is proper fencing in the premises so that you are confident in your pup’s safety.  Ask yourself — does the facility seem spacious, clean, and comfortable enough for your pooch?

Happy pups enjoying the benefits of dog daycare

Check out K9U for our doggy daycare program

At K9U, we are proud to have many satisfied, and returning doggy parents.  We have an excellent doggy daycare program where we focus on the holistic health of your dog.  We train them, play with them, and even offer grooming services!  We offer many services that you can check out here, and do not hesitate to contact us for more information on how to enroll your dog in doggy daycare at K9U.