How to Help Your Dog Beat the Summer Heat in Chicago

K9U Help your Dog Beat the Summer Heat

The 4th of July is upon us, and with it comes the dog days of summer.  It’s important to mind your dog’s health in the heat and humidity. This blog post will equip you with the information you need to help your dog beat the Summer heat and keep him or her safe and cool this Summer.

Lots of Water

Help Your Dog Beat Summer HeatYour dog needs to stay hydrated in the summer, just like we do.  Obviously, he has plenty of water at home, but when you go on longer walks you need to take water with you.  You have myriad options here, all of which can be found in your favorite pet supply store. NOTE: The links are intended to provide examples — they are not product endorsements.


1. Collapsible Bowls

Help Your Dog Beat Summer Heat


If you don’t want to lug your metal bowl with you then you’re in luck – you can purchase a more portable, collapsible bowl to hold water.   Two popular options are a rubber bowl that collapses into a flat disc and a nylon version that is more flexible and can be folded over multiple times and Velcro-taped or snapped shut.

Of course, for this solution, you’ll need to take a bottle of water with you as well.   Or, if you know there are plenty of drinking fountains or other options to purchase water on your path, you can just take the bowl.  Dog friendly places are always read to fill your collapsible bowl. Although, if it’s a really hot day, just play it safe and take the water with you.

2. Squirt Bottles with Attached Drink Basins

K9U help your dog beat the summer heat Squirt Bottle

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These handy devices come with a soft plastic bottle to fill with water and then squeeze into the attached drinking basin.   On some models, the empty basin then folds up and holds the bottle!   The nice part is that you can squeeze a little bit at a time as long as your pup is thirsty and avoid wasting water.

3. Water Bottle with Detachable Drink Basin

Similar to the 2 Squirt Bottles with Attached Drink Basins above, but with a twist.  With the Water Bottle with a Detachable Basin model, water isn’t squeezed, but rather poured into a detachable basin.   The twist comes from the design of the bottle and basin as separate entities.  This means you can drink from the bottle yourself while your dog drinks from the basin!  Two drinks for the price of one!

4. Roller Ball Water BottlesRoller Ball Water Bottles


This bottle doesn’t have a detachable bowl or basin, but the tip is a metal roller ball that your dog licks to get water from the bottle.   This is good for short sips, not so much for guzzling a bowl at a time.   Still handy as you can hydrate your dog while you walk.

These are a few of the diverse water bottle options to help your dog beat the Summer heat and stay hydrated as you enjoy the Chicago summers together.

Proper Grooming and Brushing to Beat the Heat

The weather is getting hot and your dog has long hair, so you should just shave it down to cool him off, right?

Wrong!   Your dog’s hair actually insulates him from the weather – both hot and cold — and cutting it too short can be bad for him.   In fact, if you cut it too short he can get a sun burn!   How long you should keep your dog’s coat depends on the kind of coat he has, and there are several kinds.    You should keep it well-conditioned and groomed.  You should also brush it regularly.

For all of your grooming needs or simply to get advice on summer coat care, be sure to call K9 University for a consultation with our professional groomers.

Limit Exercise to the Cool Part of the Day

There’s an old song titled “Only Mad Dogs and Englishmen Go Out in the Midday Sun”.   Of course, they had a different meaning for the word “mad” in mind, but your dog will most certainly not be happy to go for long walks in the heat of the day.  Save your long walks and play sessions for early in the morning and later at night, after the sun has gone down.  And even then, make sure you have water available.

One way to make sure you have water available is to take advantage of some of the off-leash parks in the city that have pools and water fountains to cool off your hot dog.   Fred Anderson Park in the South Loop is one such park, and there is another in Lakeshore East, which is also heavily shaded.  You can always bring your pooch to K9U and enjoy our spacious indoor park.

There are also dog friendly pools and aquatic centers in the city, which are a great way  get your dog great exercise while helping him beat the summer heat.

Common Sense Always Prevails to Help your Dog Beat the Summer Heat 

If you want to run errands with your dog, don’t leave him in the car while you run into the bank or store, not even for a minute.  The temperature in a car can rise dramatically in a short period of time and that is no place for a dog.   Just don’t do it.

Similarly, don’t leave your best friend out in the yard too long in the heat, especially if she doesn’t have a lot of shade.   One easy and inexpensive way you can make your back yard a cooler and more fun place to be for your dog, however, is to get a kiddie pool and keep it filled with cool, fresh water.   Make sure you change it often, though, as it can be a gathering place for harmful bacteria.

It’s summer time and you want to have fun with your dog, and well you should, but be smart about it and keep that pup hydrated and happy.

And remember that we can always help you here at K9 University.   Schedule your doggy daycare or boarding today and we’ll keep your pooch well exercised in a safe, cool environment.