Dog Owner’s Guide: How to Care for a Dog if You Work and Are Single

how to care for-a-dog if you work and single

Many single people think of adopting a dog. They know that a furry friend will give them the companionship and emotional support.  But if you work and are single, it can be difficult to care for a dog. It’s likely you will be leaving the dog home alone most of the day. Who will walk him or her? Who will do the feeding? Who will be there if the dog gets scared?  Well, never fear. There are ways to care for a dog, even if you’re single and work a full-time job. Here are some recommendations.

Do Your Homework Before You Adopt or Bring the Dog Home

Do a bit of research to find out what dogs are easy to care for, easy to train and have a good temperament. You can also ask the person you are adopting from about their behavior habits to find one that’s right for you.

There are certain dog breeds that may be need less maintenance than others (e.g., Pug, French Bulldog, many others) — Dog that need very little grooming, are satisfied with a couple of short daily walks, and get along with other pets. These dogs will be ideal as they seem to do well when they are left alone.

Prevent Separation Anxiety

If you’re leaving your dog home alone, it may begin exhibiting symptoms of separation anxiety such as pacing, wining, barking and destructive acts. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to decrease separation anxiety including the following:

Crate Training: A crate will provide your dog with a safe environment he or she will feel comfortable in. Provide a pleasant atmosphere by filling the crate with things your dog loves like chew toys and blankets.

Discourage Clinginess: Discourage clingy behavior by staying apart from your dog, even when you are in the same room together.

Encourage Exercise: A tired dog is a happy dog. If you have time, take your dog out for exercise before you leave for work in the morning. He or she may be so exhausted they will barely realize you’re gone. If you sign-up the pup for doggie daycare, some facilities have individualized activities for the pup to get additional physical activities.

Puppy Socialization:  If you adopted a puppy, you may consider taking him for puppy socialization.  K9U offer up to 3 free sessions of Puppy Play & Tweenie Time. These sessions are designed to teach good, socialized behavior with other dogs and people.

Plan Your Schedule Around Your Dog

You may be busy with work, but it’s important to schedule time to be with your dog. Make morning, evening and weekend playdates so you have plenty of time to go to the park and bond. If you plan on going out after work, come home and feed your dog before going back out.  It is important that you establish a stable and daily routine for the furry baby.  They know when it is time to eat, and you don’t want to disappoint them if you are nit there at the expected feeding time.

Have an Emergency Contact

A neighbor who likes dogs makes an ideal emergency contact. Leave your neighbor a copy of your key. That way you can call them and ask them to feed and walk your dog if you need to work late.

Get Your Dog a Companion

Your dog will feel a lot less lonely if you get him or her another dog, or a cat, to play with. You may have to take some time to get the pets used to each other and make sure they get along, but it will be worth it to give them both a happy home with meaningful companionship.

Get Someone to Help

Taking care of a dog and working a full-time job can get overwhelming, especially when you’re single. Don’t try to go it alone.

If you are lucky, you have someone willing to help out for free. But it may be worth it to pay someone to take your dog out regularly and give them attention during the day. You can try hiring a student, but who knows if they will be reliable? A professional facility like K9 University may be your best bet.

K9 University offers a variety of services when it comes to leaving your puppy in our care. Our Daycare & Train academy ideal if you want your puppy to let off some steam during the day. Drop him off on your way to work and pick him up on your way home.

Our Puppy Training Class is ideal for a younger dog. We can train your puppy so he or she will be confident and well-behaved even when you leave them alone.

It’s hard to work and be a dog parent, but there are ways you can make is work. Train your dog to minimize separation anxiety, make sure to spend time with him or her and get a helper if possible. K9 University will provide you with the assistance you need.