Introducing Puppies and Babies to Make for a Terrific Relationship

introducing puppies and babies

If you have puppies and babies, you want them to grow up together and form a terrific bond. Unfortunately, introducing puppies to babies doesn’t always work out the way you want it to, at least at the beginning. Your baby may be scared of your puppy, or your puppy may feel jealous of all the attention the baby is getting.

However, if you integrate the right techniques, your puppy and baby will get along famously, and they will develop a great relationship that will last throughout the years. Here are some steps you can take during these early stages to help them build the desired bond.

Why Puppies and Babies May Not Get Along

There are many reasons why puppies and babies may not get along. Here are a few possibilities:

The Baby is Scared of the Dog: Puppies may look adorable to you and me, but to a small baby that has never seen a puppy before, the little dog may look big and scary!

The Puppy is Scared of the Baby: If your baby is a toddler, he or she may not know how to treat the puppy. They may pull its tail or pet it too harshly thinking they are playing around, but the puppy may get scared.

The Puppy is Jealous of the Baby: If the baby is brought into the home after the puppy, the puppy may be jealous of all the attention the baby is getting and may act out as a result.

Tips for Introducing Your Pet to Your Baby

Introducing puppies to babies takes the right balance. Here are some helpful tips.

Get the Puppy Used to the Baby

Start by introducing the baby to the puppy gradually. For instance, during pregnancy, or while you are expecting the baby in case of adoption, you may start getting the puppy prepared for the baby by taking them into the nursery and giving them some toys the baby will be playing with.

Once the baby is home, allow the dog to sit outside the nursery gate to view the child before they meet in person. Give the dog the baby’s toys and clothing so they can get used to the smell of the infant before they play together.

When you introduce the baby to the dog, you will want to monitor them closely to make sure neither of them is in danger. But once their relationship grows, take a step back to let them build an organic bond.

You can also reward the puppy with a treat every time he or she has a good experience with your baby.

Teach Your Baby How to Treat the Puppy

Babies that are toddler age should be taught how to treat the puppy. Teach them the types of pets the puppy enjoys. Help them understand the puppy’s personality by explaining what they like and dislike. Give them small responsibilities like having them feed or groom the puppy to further enhance the relationship.

The Right Training Can Help

The right training can also help puppies form healthy relationships with humans. K9U Chicago offers a variety of classes that are beneficial for puppies for socialization, obedience, and confidence building.  All the classes use rewards-based methods to ensure your dogs are healthy, happy, polite and housebroken.

For example, you can enroll your puppy in our Puppy Training program. Classes are designed for puppies 10 weeks to five months old.

Our Puppy Play & Tweenie Time Sessions are also beneficial. These are play groups for puppies under six months old. They promote socialization between other puppies and people. Owners can learn how to read their dog’s body language to positively change behavior while dogs learn to stay calm in social settings.

You may also request private one-on-one training to teach your puppy specialized skills and behaviors such as how to interact with a new family member.

Acclimating babies to puppies is not always easy. K9U Chicago can make the process go as smoothly as possible. Contact us to find out how we can help your furry friend and new child form a terrific bond.