Ornaments and Toys – What to Watch out for

Christmas at K9 University

The holiday season is filled with extra guests, more food than necessary and an all-around cheerful vibe and ambiance. In our previous post, we discussed good and bad treat ideas for dogs. In this post, we would like to point out another thing that could spell trouble for dogs: ornaments, decorations, and toys.

Take note of harmful decorations, in and around the home

Many households set up a Christmas tree during this time of year. This tree is often decorated with tinsel, fairy lights and a variety of ornaments made from wood, porcelain, and plastic.

Low hanging lights can look like a fun chewy toy at your dog’s eye-level, so if you are decorating your tree with lights, don’t decorate down to the bottom branches of the trunk of the tree. If you’ve got a pot or bowl of water that is feeding the tree, make sure that you throw out the water and add fresh water daily, because still tree water can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria that could make your pet sick if he drinks it.

Toys and gifts

If you or family members and friends have young children, then your house will be filled with toys and gifts during the holidays. Many of these toys can have sharp edges that could hurt your dog, so keep them tucked away in a safe place. Remember that dogs can easily tear through gift wrapping and present bags, so it’s not necessarily safe while it’s wrapped.

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