Tips for Arranging Dog Boarding & Care During Holiday Travel Seasons

Dog Boarding During Holiday Travel Whiskey RC

Holidays are time for travel. This involves long car trips, sitting on airplanes, hotel stays and more. Although many of us would love to take our dogs along, travel isn’t always advisable for their mental health.  Most times , it is also not possible for them to fly. This article will discuss what to look for in a Chicago dog boarding facility so you can ensure your pup is well cared for when you’re away.

Instead of traveling with their pets, many Chicago dog owners choose to keep their dogs in a doggie boarding and daycare. This way they can be sure their dog is well cared for and that they get the individualized attention they require. But, how do you know which facility is best for your furry friend (child)?

Find the Right Dog Boarding Facility in Chicago

The first thing you will want to do is research facilities in the area. It’s advisable to visit the ones you are most interested in, so you get a good idea of the environment. While there, you should look out for things like:

  • The size of the indoor and outdoor play spaces
  • The cleanliness of the facility
  • The mannerism of the staff members
  • If they have separate areas for the pet breed, size, temperament, etc.

You should also inquire about things like:

  • Special services such as dog training and dog spa days
  • Health requirements, for instance, are all the pets vaccinated?
  • Is a vet easily accessible if the dog gets sick?
  • What is the communication like? Will you get updates on your dog’s status during your trip?

K9U is an ideal location for dog boarding in Chicago due to our large indoor and outdoor spaces, our caring staff, our extracurricular activities, and our safe high-touch environment. We will alleviate your pet worries while you are on vacation.

Experience the Daycare Program to Ensure the Dog Enjoys the Facility

If a facility looks good to you, you may want to enroll your dog in a day of daycare. This will allow you to truly assess how well the staff can care for your dog. It will also get your dog used to being at the facility, so they are less likely to get upset when you leave them there for the holidays.

Consider Skills Training and Extracurricular Activities You Want to Schedule for the Dog

You may want your dog to get some skills training or take part in extracurricular activities during their stay. Here are some activities you may want to inquire about.

Dog Boarding During Holiday Travel Whiskey

Have the Facility Shower Your Pups With Gifts and Treats to Ensure they Remain in Good Spirits

Your dog will be extra happy if the facility gives him or her little toys and treats during their stay. You may leave treats with the facility so they can give them to your dog, or they may have their own treats on hand. Either way, it will give your dog comfort when they are away from home.

Why K9U Is the Best Choice for Your Doggie Boarding School While on Vacation

There are many doggie boarding schools in a busy city like Chicago, but K9U has several features that make us stand out from the crowd. These include:

  • A caring, expert staff available 24/7
  • Large indoor and outdoor play areas
  • A climate controlled indoor area
  • Large, clean, comfortable kennels
  • Security cameras to keep your dog safe
  • Playtime with dogs of a similar size and temperament
  • Extracurricular activities like training and spa services

Please note that K9U Chicago offers one day of Free daycare for new clients to experience the facility, if you are a new client, please ask to claim your One-Day Free Daycare offer.

If you are thinking of traveling this year, don’t let your dog be a concern. K9U will provide your pup with a safe, comfortable atmosphere that will keep them happy and engaged. Make us the first one you call when you’re planning your holiday travels.